Data feed management for Google and 200+ Shopping Engines

DataFeedWatch is a data feed management tool for webshops and agencies to optimize their data feed and turn their products into cash.

Rules-based mapping

With a few simple rules you can modify fields throughout your entire feed.


DataFeedWatch automatically converts variants (e.g. 1 product has 5 sizes and 3 colors) to separate items in your data feed.


Google and most Shopping Engines require that each product matches one of their categories. With DataFeedWatch adding categories (e.g. based on product type) is easy.

Multiple shops

If you operate several shops or if you are an agency, you can optimize feeds for multiple shops within the same DataFeedWatch account.

Include/exclude products

Exclude the products that you don’t want to advertise from your feed. A few simple rules will save you from handpicking them one by one.

Daily updates

Your data feed will be updated every day, so that all changes that you make in your shop (add/delete products, modify prices, etc) are included.