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Improve your Shopping Feeds and RoI

1. Create a feed in just a few clicks

Creating a feed for a new channel is very easy.
With just a few clicks you can convert your product feed to the feed format of each of the 1000+ channels that we offer. You can also optimize your feed for maximum revenue, by improving your Titles, add missing information, show only available products and much more.

2. Optimize your campaign results

Analytics shows you the performance of every product on every channel. This enables you to optimize the performance of your campaigns, by increasing the bids for your best sellers and excluding the unprofitable products from your feed.

3. Add categories

Assigning each product to the most appropriate sub-category often improves your conversion rate.
We have all categories of each of the 1000+ channels and you can add ‘m very easily.

4. Exclude products

Excluding non-profitable products from your feed is low hanging fruit: If you do not advertise for products with a low margin, products that are out of season, products that have a low conversion rate, etc. you will save a lot of money that you can spend on the products that do turn you a profit.

5. Agency Account

Agencies can manage multiple shops and campaigns in a single account. With DataFeedWatch, an agency does not need any access to the customer’s store and can optimize the feeds without any technical help from his customer.