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We Help Merchants Grow

Manage and automate all your product feeds from one place

  • Optimize product feeds across multiple platforms
  • Update ads and keywords in a matter of minutes
  • Get fast and exceptional customer support

4.7 289+ reviews

4.7 230+ reviews

Trusted by

  • adidas
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We help:

  • Online Retailers

    Control and promote your product listings on a variety of platforms: Search, Shopping, Marketplaces, Affiliate channels & more

  • Marketing Agencies

    Manage and improve advertising results for dozens of e-commerce clients that use multiple platforms all at once.

  • Brands

    Expand your online presence and centralize the management of all your digital distribution channels.

Results you can get by using DataFeedWatch

  • E-commerce marketing agency Coalition improved ROAS by 451% ROAS from Google Shopping Ads

    “After implementing the feed created with DataFeedWatch, the performance improved significantly and immediately produced solid results, in both Standard and Smart Shopping campaigns.”

  • Adidas simplified their product feed distribution, saving them hours of work every day

    “With DataFeedWatch Analytics, we can review the cost and revenue of each individual product on every channel and remove unprofitable products from our shopping feeds with a single click.“

  • Minneapolis agency Elumynt used DataFeedWatch to scale revenue from Snapchat by 86% with 10x ROAS

    “By refreshing the content and ad formats with DataFeedWatch based on what we know works and modifying the bid strategy and ad setup, we achieved a 10.5x ROAS on $10K in spend.”

Integrations & advertising platforms

2000+ search engines, social platforms, shopping channels, marketplaces, and custom channels

Get complete control and flexibility over every attribute of your product feed

  • Data Feed Optimization

    Configure and optimize all your channel feeds with a few clicks

    Manage all your data feeds in one platform. All channel requirements are pre-loaded so your data feeds will be automatically generated in the right format.

    Automate product feeds to make things easier & faster

    New products in your shop are automatically added to the feed. Product feeds are updated and sent to your channels up to every hour.

    Learn more about this feature Data Feed Optimization
  • Feed-Based Text Ads

    Turn product feeds into compelling Google Search Ads

    Your text ads will be automatically created for each and every item in your catalog.

    Update ads and keywords for tens of thousands of products in a matter of minutes

    Text ads and keywords are updated every time you add or remove a product.

    Learn more about this feature Feed-Based Text Ads
  • Price-Watch

    Check who else is selling your products and for what price

    Select the products and metrics, and find out your pricing positions. Then, fine-tune your pricing strategy to stay in the lead.

    Get automatic suggestions of optimal price for each of your products

    Our smart algorithms will suggest the optimal price for each of your product and show you which products are underpriced and which are overpriced.

    Learn more about this feature Price-Watch

First-class support to help you make the sales you need

The support team is always available to help and offers quick solutions to any issues

  • Availability via chat, email, or video calls
  • Free onboarding session and feed set-up assistance
  • Expert knowledge in fixing any feed issues

“As an agency owner, I have tried almost every app. DataFeedWatch is by far the best. We use it for all of our clients and they are the only company we will use. Affordable. Amazing customer service. Great technology.”

Lane George CEO & Founder | Lead Horse

4.7 289+ reviews

4.7 230+ reviews

Best Customer Support 2021 Award from Software Advice

We serve more than 17,000 brands worldwide

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What our clients say about us:

  • “With the unpredictability of Facebook on Shopify, this should be a tool every shop owner uses. It allows granular control and provides a safety net to ensure products are listed on all the different platforms.“

    Steven Habel Founder, CEO | Kinsley Armelle
  • “We have been working with Marvin from customer support and he is making the process very simplified. He's always available for a call, taking us step-by-step as we are working through the internal feeds setups.“

    Dana Mooney Digital Marketing Specialist | PAPER LABEL
  • “When it comes to choosing a feed management provider, the #1 factor that helps me decide is customer support. They went above and beyond to help me get set up, and troubleshoot big issues.“

    Joey Bidner Google Ads Expert | Bidner search engine marketing
  • “My overall experience with DataFeedWatch is overwhelmingly positive. Without much effort, I am able to increase clients' sales by ~70% after their shopping campaigns have plateaued.”

    Thomas Moe Kamp Bojsen Co-head of SEM | Adtimize ApS

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