What are Bing Product Ads?

Bing Product Ads are a type of ad that uses your product data feed to display content-rich, real-time, and engaging ads to Bing users. They display while users conduct product related searches.

Bing Product Ads are primarily used by direct to consumer retailers and brands. 

  • Content-rich – Bing Product Ads feature the image of the product and the product’s title, price, and the name of your website.
  • Real-time – Bing includes the above information in your product ads from the data in your product feed.
  • Engaging – Bing Product Ads have impact because of their position and the way they stand out from other results on the page.

Bing charges you for Product Ads on a PPC (pay per click) basis. This means you only pay when a user clicks on your ad to visit your website. Once on your website, you have the chance to convert the visitor into a customer.


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Bing Product Ads work in a similar way to Google Product Listing Ads in how you set them up. They are also similar in how Bing decides which ads and products to display.

Though, they are different to Bing’s text-based PPC ads. With a standard text ad, you set keywords you want to target. With Product Ads, Bing uses the information in your product data feed to match your products with the queries of users.


How to Set Up Bing Product Ads 

  • Create a store - this is done in the Bing Merchant Center. A key part of this is verifying ownership of your website with Bing.
  • Upload your Catalog - this is your product data feed. Bing uses the information in this feed to populate the content of your Bing Product Ads. Thus, it is important your data feed is accurate (adheres to Bing's data feed specification and is up-to-date) and optimized. DataFeedWatch can help you achieve this.
  • Create a Bing shopping campaign – this creates your ads and involves setting your budget, who you want to target, and product filters. Product filters let you target particular products in certain geographical areas. You can also prioritize high-performing products and much more.


Benefits of Bing Product Ads

  • Improves conversions - Bing users who click on your Product Ads are likely to be closer to a final buying decision than other users. The reason being they have already seen an image of the product and its price.
  • Higher click through rate - Bing Product Ads feature prominently and stand out from other results on the page. This results in a higher click through rate.
  • Improved engagement - you can increase awareness of your brand and improve levels of customer engagement with Bing Product Ads.
  • Prioritize products - with the tools available when setting up a Bing Shopping campaign, you can prioritize which products you want to sell. This could be new products or products that perform well.
  • Easy to set up - the Bing Merchant Center and the Bing Ads Editor are both easy to use. In addition, you can import ad settings from your Google Product Listing Ads, saving you even more time.


Optimizing Bing Product Ads

  • Update your product data feed frequently
  • Use keywords in your feed product titles and descriptions
  • Make sure you use user-friendly language in feed titles and descriptions
  • Use brilliant images that showcase your products
  • Include size and color in the product description field of your data feed


Using Bing Product Ads

Another benefit of Bing Product Ads is they give you access to a new audience that you may not reach by using Google Product Listing Ads alone. For example, consumers who use Bing rather than Google when conducting searches.

Thus, if you already use Google Product Listing Ads you should also use Bing Product Ads. In fact, if you sell products directly to consumers, you should use Bing Product Ads.


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