What is Product Feed Specification?

What is Product Feed Specification


Shopping channels have product feed specifications that outline how you must structure your product feed. These specifications help shopping channels offer a better service to their users by comparing the right products when a user does a search.

The types of shopping channels that have product feed specifications are:

  • Comparison shopping engines - like Google Shopping and PriceGrabber
  • Marketplaces - like Amazon and eBay
  • Social media networks - like Facebook 

The above websites are all examples of platforms where you can upload your product feed to get more sales. Each has its own specification in place as to what you should include in your feed.


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Common Requirements of Product Feed Specification

While the exact specifications of product feeds differ depending on the platform, there are some things that almost all require. Examples of the requirements you commonly find in product feed specifications include:

  • Unique identifier for your product
  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Link to the product's landing page on your website
  • Link to an image for the product
  • Availability details, i.e. whether the product is in stock or not
  • Price
  • Product category according to the channel's pre-set category list
  • Product's brand
  • Product's GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number)
  • Shipping

Additional elements in a product feed specification only apply to certain products. For example, most shopping channels also require you to include age group, color, gender, and size for clothing products.


Why Product Feed Specifications Are Important

Product feed specifications offer benefits to merchants, customers, and shopping channels, like some of the following:

Benefits to merchants

Adhering to product feed specifications will enhance the visibility of your products.

For example, when a user does a search in Google Shopping, Google can match that search with your products, because of its product feed specification.

As a result, product feed specifications help you get more sales. They also help improve the level of service you offer to customers.

An example of this is not showing customers products you don’t currently have in stock.

Benefits to customers

Customers get more accurate results when browsing or searching for products on shopping channels. This helps them find the right product, helps them compare the products availability, and helps ensure they get the best deal.

Benefits to shopping channels

The customers who buy from you via a shopping channel are that channel’s users.

As a product feed specification ensures those customers get more accurate search and browsing results, they also help the channel deliver a better user experience.

This helps to build loyalty to the shopping channel’s brand. In addition, as product feeds help increase your sales, they also increase the shopping channel’s revenues.

Finally, product feed specifications make it easier for shopping channels to manage their business. For example, controlling the number of categories available.

Adhering to Product Feed Specifications

It can be difficult to comply with product feed specifications when running a busy business, particularly if you use multiple shopping channels, each with different specifications.

In addition, many shopping channels update or change their product feed specifications periodically.

When this happens, you must make the necessary adjustments if you want to continue using the channel.

A data feed management tool can help as they let you easily create product data feeds that meet all the requirements of the channel’s product feed specification.

This gives you more time to promote your products, increase your sales, and service your customers.



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