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Amazon Marketplace

Why list your products on Amazon?

Amazon's Marketplace is a profitable channel for many merchants. Amazon is selling your products on your behalf and is charging you an amount per sale. So the sale takes place on Amazon and not in your store.  Amazon will not charge you per click (like most shopping channels do), but a commission for each product you sell. Amazon sends the order-info to the merchant and the merchant will ship the items sold by Amazon, unless he is using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). DataFeedWatch can sync the orders between Amazon and your store.
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How does Amazon Marketplace works?

It enables you to create a data feed for Amazon Marketplace, just like you are already doing for Google or other channels. DataFeedWatch will submit your feed to Amazon via their API. Feed submission is automated to ensure that your product listings are always accurate and up to date. There are multiple feed templates, each serving a different purpose. Each of them with different requirements. In DataFeedWatch you can easily populate each template with data from your store. Once your products are successfully submitted DataFeedWatch will auto-update them every day. Should there be a problem with one of those auto-updates, you will get an email notification with a full processing report. If you are already using Amazon Marketplace you will be glad to know that we also make it possible to import ASIN numbers from Amazon to our system. This simple operation makes updating products much easier and hassle-free.
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Order Management

Order Management enables merchants to sync their Amazon orders with their own store. All products sold on Amazon are updated in the webshop continuously, so that the number of items available in your store is always up-to-date. This ensures that merchants never advertise out-of-stock products and waste money on clicks that won’t convert. It also saves merchants time, since they no longer have to manually update their store when an item is sold on Amazon. On top of that, merchants can download all order-data from DataFeedWatch. Automatic Order Management is available for merchants on Shopify & Magento.