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How to get your products from your store into DataFeedWatch

Posted on December 17, 2013 by Jacques van der Wilt


DataFeedWatch offers three ways to get your products from your store into your DataFeedWatch account:
1) Manually (upload from pc)
2) Download from a URL
3) Installing an app

Let’s review all three in a bit more detail

1) Manual upload

This is the most basic form of upload. It is perfect for merchants who have to automated way of sharing their product feed. It is also very simple: it is the same as uploading files in many other applications.
The drawback is of course, that you have to upload your feed time and again, every time you make changes to your product portfolio.

This is how it works:

Feed import Manual upload steps

2) Download from a URL

If your shopping cart automatically publishes your product data feed on a URL (a web-address), this is probably the most efficient method: downloading a feed file can be done very fast (thousands of products in a matter of minutes) and is not limited by any download constraints that shopping carts often have. Without any action needed on your end, we are able to import and auto-process any feed file in txt or csv or xml format every day.

This is how it works:

Feed import Download from URL

3) Installing an app

For many shopping carts like Magento, Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, we download the products via an ‘app’ (or extension or add-on or …). Those shopping carts often do not have any other way to export a feed.
This is how it works:

Feed import Installing an app

The app needs to be installed in your store. A complete installation guide for every shopping cart is available on

DataFeedWatch is data feed management software  that enables merchants on Magento, Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, 3DCart  and numerous other shopping carts  to optimize their product data feed for Google and 200+ Comparison Shopping Engines

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