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DataFeedWatch launches the Default Image Selector

Posted on January 13, 2015 by Jacques van der Wilt


DataFeedWatch, a leading provider of data feed optimization services, offering 500+ channels in the US and 30+ other countries, has launched a revolutionary solution for product images: the ‘Default Image Selector’. It enables merchants to select the best image for each product and include it in their data feeds to Google or any other shopping channel.

The product image is the single most important part of any product ad. The image dominates the ad and people focus on images; less on text. Manually selecting the best image in the shopping cart is too time intensive and A/B testing all images is too costly.

Jacques van der Wilt, Founder and CEO of DataFeedWatch:
The Default Image Selector is a unique solution that is not offered by any other data feed tool. It offers the best of both worlds: Manual selection of the best image with a semi-automatic speed of 1,500 products per hour.

Tiffani Frey, Director of E-Commerce Marketing with US Patriot: We advertise thousands of products on Google Shopping. For many of those, images with the wrong color or with overlay text were showing in the SERPs. Setting the right image in our store was technically possible, but just not feasible for such a large number of products. The Default Image Selector saved the day for us. In a matter of hours we were able to get our best images into our Google feed. That improved our CTR and we have no more products disapproved due to images not meeting Google’s guidelines.

Top 3 Image Problems

These are the three most common image problems that merchants experience:

1. The Wrong Color / Variant

A product often has color (or other) variants. For each color there is a picture in the feed. But if you cannot match the blue product to the blue picture, any other color may show up in the search results.
Google SERP PLAs blue adidas sneaker with wrong color

2. Disapproved: Images with Text Overlay

Sometimes, images contain text, like Free Shipping or On sale. Google and other channels disapprove products with these text overlays. How do you make sure that this picture will not show up in your feed?
Adidas sneaker Vulc Star Low Blue - Text Overlay

3. The worst picture shows

You have several images on your site, showing the product from different angles or in different situations. But in the feed you want the primary image, that does the best job selling it. Without any control over your images, your feed may contain the picture that shows the bottom or the back side of your product.
Adidas sneaker Vulc Star Low Blue - Worst Angles

The Solution: Default Image Selector

DataFeedWatch offers the Default Image Selector. It enables you to select the best picture for each product in your data feed.

All products are listed in a table with all images. Each image has a radio button.
So clicking the radio button in front of a picture sets it as default:

Adidas sneaker Vulc Star Low Blue - Image Selector - product box

DataFeedWatch customers have been able to select the best image for an average of 1,500 products per hour. It is still a tedious job, but it has proven to be a worthwhile investment, resulting in higher CTRs and more sales.

Google SERP PLAs blue adidas sneaker with right color

Please check out our Help section to see more detailed information on how the Default Image Selector works.


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