How to Encrypt Your Data Feed

    How to Encrypt your Data Feed

    Your feeds sometimes contain data that you would rather not share. An example: your product URLs can tell your competitors a lot. You may have added tracking code, product types and lots more.

    DataFeedWatch enables you to encrypt any output field:

    1. Click Edit values next to the field you would like to encrypt
    2. In the pop-up, click Add Rule and then select Encrypt Output from the pull down


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    DataFeedWatch 3.0 Encrypt Data Feed

    3. Enter your own secret code. It is a simple but effective encryption. In this example:
    a is replaced by z
    b is replaced by y
    c is replaced by x

    4. If you only want to encrypt a specific part of the field, you can specify that with a regular expression (regexp). In the example screenshot, everything behind will be encrypted.

    Don't forget: You need to be able to decrypt those values as well.