DataFeedWatch Price Update coming January 10th


    It’s been a big year for us at DataFeedWatch. We’ve been hard at work improving our tool and providing more features to help you improve your Shopping Campaign ROI. But, to stay competitive, we need to update our pricing.

    New pricing will help accelerate the development of new features and grow our team of customer support heroes.

    What is changing?

    1. We are only updating the prices of the base plans and for most of the customers, this will only be a modest price increase.

    • Shop Plan: $34/month instead of $29
    • Merchant Plan: $59/month instead of $49
    • Agency Plan: $179/month instead of $149


    2. The cost for the number of extra products on monthly subscriptions will remain the same.

    3. We have increased the number of products included in the shop and agency plans:

    • Shop: 1,000 SKUs instead of 500
    • Agency: 30,000 SKUs instead of 25,000

    Q: When does this happen?

    The new prices will go into effect starting January 10th.

    This means that all billings as of January 10th, 2019 will adopt the new pricing structure.


    Q: How can I keep my current pricing?

    If you upgrade to the annual plan before the 10th of January you can keep your current price.

    It is very convenient and the savings are substantial. 

      Currently January 10th Upgrade before Jan 10th
      Monthly Monthly Annual
    Shop $29  $34 $300 ( $25/mo paid annually)
    Merchant $49 $59  $480 ($40/mo paid annually)
    Agency $149  $179  $1500 ($125/mo paid annually)


    Just upgrade right away to the annual plan and get the best DataFeedWatch pricing possible for the next 12 months.


    Q: How much do I save if I upgrade to the annual plan before the 10th of January?

    Let’s look at some numbers and see how upgrading to the annual pricing now vs continuing with a monthly subscription would save you tons of money.

    Shop: $300/annual vs $408 /month

    Merchant: $480/annual vs $708 /month

    Agency: $1500/annual vs $2148/ /month


    Q: What if my product feeds change during the next 12 months?

    If during the year there are product fluctuations, and the number of products goes up you will be charged extra per 1000 products/month. The benefit of the annual subscription is even bigger because the price for extra products is also lower. 

    Shop - $4.25 extra 1,000 products

    Merchant - $2.50 extra 1,000 products

    Agency - $1.75 extra 1,000 products

    Enterprise - $1.75 extra 1,000 products

    Let's say you have paid your annual subscription for 100,000 products in one instalment in January.   

    At a certain point during the year your products increase to 110,000. In this case we will charge you for the number of extra products: $1.75 $/ month for the number of months in which you surpassed 100,000 products.


    Q: How do I upgrade my pricing?

    To upgrade from your current plan to the annual price all you need to do is:

    1. Go to your Plans section in DataFeedWatch.
    2. Chose the annual option for your plan.

    annual pricing


    Q: Why a prepay option?

    If you’ve been with us for a while and you are happy you can pay an annual fee, instead of a recurring one.

    This will allow you to save a significant amount over what you are currently paying.


    Q: Who can I talk to about this to learn more?

    As always, we have a team standing by to answer your every question.

    You can book your call here and have a personalised annual offer created for you. 


    It’s been a long road, and there’s so much more to go.  Thanks for using DataFeedWatch, and we look forward to years more of working together!