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Feed Marketing Report 2022

eCommerce advertising benchmarks, trends & tactics extracted from 15,000 online stores, analyzed in the industry’s first data-feed-driven report.

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Feed marketing report 2022

State of global and local eCommerce

Inventory statuses, product discounting, multichannel presence, and more - across countries and sectors.

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feed marketing report 2022

Benchmarks for your sector

Compare your status and strategy to how other eCommerce businesses operate in your sector.

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feed marketing report 2022

Data feed tactics and pitfalls

Behind-the-curtain tactics aimed at improving PPC performance and tackling common roadblocks.

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360° analysis of eCommerce advertising.
Driven by data feeds.

The Products

Take an up-close look at the contents of 15,000+ product catalogs used for paid campaigns...and what it reveals about today's eCommerce advertising market.

The Channels

Discover multichannel trends, learn the prevalent ad platforms across sectors & countries, and benchmark your strategy against the industry standards.

The Errors

Avoid the most common data roadblocks that stand in the way of better PPC performance. Get the step-by-step solutions to eliminating existing product feed errors.

The Tactics

Get inspired by the top data feed tactics used by PPC professionals to improve & scale campaign results. Plan your next data feed optimization with actionable insights.

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