Google Shopping Manager


Who is it for?

For customers that (are planning to) run a Google Shopping campaign.


What is it?

You outsource the management (and if necessary: the set up) of your Google Shopping campaign to us.


Why is that better?

1. Better results We are highly specialized in managing Google Shopping campaigns. We do it for hundreds of shops. We have improved campaign performance for our customers by an average 44%.

2. Save yourself the time You should review your Google Shopping campaign at least once a week. You will probably do that for a month and then other priorities get in the way. At DataFeedWatch that won’t happen: your campaign is the only priority we have.

3. Save yourself the hassle Managing Google Shopping campaigns may not be rocket surgery, but it does require knowledge and expertise. So don’t make the effort to update your skills continuously. Leave it to us. It’s what we do.


Must I pay the $99 set up fee?

We only charge the $99 if you want us to set up a new campaign. If your Google Shopping campaign is up & running, there is no need to do a new set up – you just pay the $99/month for management.


What happens when I sign up?