Facebook Product Feed Automation

Create and optimize your product feeds for Facebook

  • Prevent errors using the Feed Review tool
  • Make use of advanced feed rules to edit products in bulk
  • Find the best variations with A/B testing tactics

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Intuitive and easy to use

Managing your Meta product feed is not always easy, but our Facebook ad automation tool makes it simple

  • Facebook ad automation

    Facebook ad automation

    DataFeedWatch's automated mapping ensures that all necessary channel requirements are pre-configured, allowing your data feeds to be automatically created in the correct format.

    Your product data is then sent to Meta Ads Manager, meeting all the necessary formatting requirements and limitations for each data attribute.

  • Advanced product feed rules

    Advanced product feed rules

    Use advanced techniques, such as:

    • extracting color from product descriptions
    • deriving product types from titles
    • automatically generating categories for a wide range of product types

    You can enhance your feed by incorporating missing data from external sources, calculating profit margins, and implementing regex for complex product rules.

  • Product image testing

    Product image testing

    Experiment with various types of images, such as lifestyle, product, plain background, or action shots, to determine which ones yield the best results.

    In DataFeedWatch, you can create a customized label for this purpose, dividing your products into Products A and Products B, and then matching these groups with specific images.

  • Product variant merging

    Product variant merging

    Merge product variants when you want to advertise just one version of a product on Facebook.

    DataFeedWatch merges many common features of each variation automatically. For more atypical ones, you can select a specific option, e.g., the new version can contain only the part that is repeated.

  • A/B testing

    Feed content A/B testing

    Make adjustments to your feed content and conduct tests to identify the most effective variations.

    You can enhance your product feeds by creating duplicate feeds and experimenting with different versions using the A/B testing functionality.

  • Easy products exclusions

    Easy products exclusions

    Exclude products on Facebook to prevent your ads from showcasing products that are sold out or have low inventory levels. By creating rules, you can automatically remove these items from your catalog until they are restocked.

    You can exclude products based on their prices, profitability, seasonal relevance, etc. 

  • Reviewing & synchronizing feeds

    Reviewing & synchronizing feeds

    To ensure the accuracy of your product data, review and synchronize your feed to minimize errors and enhance product attributes before uploading it to Facebook.

    Regularly sync your store's product data with Facebook to keep vital information up to date, including changes in product availability, prices, product additions, or removals.

We support most popular shopping carts and more!

Keep your Facebook product catalog feeds always up-to-date

Connect your optimized product data from your store to Facebook

  • Connect Your Data to DataFeedWatch

    Link your product data to DataFeedWatch by importing your feed from platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and others.

    You can import various file formats: Google Sheets, XML, TXT, CSV, JSON. 

    Supplement missing product data by connecting external sources such as cost or performance data. 

  • Optimize your Facebook feeds

    Quickly tailor your product data to align with your goals for Facebook ads using the guided setup, ready-to-use templates, and unlimited data adjustments.

    Schedule a live session with our specialists for free to refine and enhance your product feed. 

  • Review your feed and send it to Ads Manager

    The DataFeedWatch Feed Review tool examines your Facebook feed, providing a comprehensive list of any errors and precise fix instructions.

    Once you improve your feed and Feed Review doesn’t show any errors, send it to Facebook and start running your ads.

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  • We integrate with over 2000 channels, including popular ones like Facebook Dynamic Ads, Amazon Marketplace, Bing, Criteo, Pinterest, eBay, and many more. We can also create custom channels to fit your specific needs. See all integrations here.

  • Facebook ads operate through Meta Ads Manager, where you create and manage your campaigns across Facebook-owned platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

    If you want to increase the effectiveness of your advertising by optimizing your feed and you use a feed solution like DataFeedWatch, you must first prepare your enhanced feed in the tool and then send it to Meta Ads Manager.

    Your targeted ads can appear in different placements on the mentioned platforms, including News Feed. Facebook ads operate on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, where you pay for ad clicks or specific actions users take.

  • To optimize Facebook ads, you can focus on refining audience targeting, using compelling imagery, improving feed quality, and testing different ad formats.

    Using our feed optimization tool, you can enhance your product data and ensure that the right products are showcased to the right audiences. It also allows you to streamline the process of updating product information, optimizing titles and descriptions, and enhancing overall feed performance for better ad results on Facebook.

  • We connect with popular shopping carts such as Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and others. You can also upload your feed using .CSV/.TXT, Google Sheets, JSON, or. XML files.

    Our Shop Wizard will guide you through the process in just a few minutes.

  • Take your ready-made link from DataFeedWatch and paste it as a feed source in your Ads Manager Account. Then you’ll be good to go!

  • Digital marketing agencies and PPC teams find DataFeedWatch very convenient for managing feeds across multiple accounts.

    The Agency solution allows for unlimited clients and feeds. It enables teams to collaborate on enhancing numerous product catalogs simultaneously, thanks to customizable account structures with sub-user access.

  • Automated feeds are product data feeds that receive regular updates with the most current product details sourced from your online store. Once you've configured the initial feed, there's no need to manually update stock availability and prices or add new products to the feed. DataFeedWatch takes care of this automatically, ensuring that your product feeds remain relevant and current for your Facebook ads.