Automated Google Shopping Feed Optimization

Our Google Shopping integration & feed management system helps PPC marketers automate product data feeds and grow campaign profits


Grow Your Google Shopping Performance

Data enrichment with a purpose

Freely transform product data with automated rules
to facilitate your Google campaign goals.
A/B test, supplement, overwrite & a lot more!

Allocate ad budget better

Control inventory advertised with product filters. Segment your Shopping campaigns by product value using custom labels to optimize ROAS.

Maximize your visibility

A single platform to manage product ads across all of Google surfaces, including Search, Display, Images & extra retail programs like local ads or free listings.

Strategize with actionable insights

Leverage product-level performance analytics. Layer expert advice (insights from 12k+ shopping feeds!) on top. Where does that take you? Let's find out.

379% Conversion Increase Year Over Year

Digital agency StubGroup Advertising took on a Google Shopping client who they believed could achieve much better than their current results. By using DataFeedWatch they fixed all disapprovals, fully optimized the feed & gave Google tons of high-quality data. Results? Clicks increased by 333% and conversions grew by 379%.

379%+333% in ClicksConversions

3-step Data Transformation Process

  • Connect Your Data

    Plug your product catalog in with a data export, or by using one of our eCommerce CMS integrations

  • Optimize

    Easily configure data to match your objectives. With guided onboarding, pre-made templates & limitless data manipulations

  • Grow ROAS

    Connect your optimized feed to the Merchant Center and watch your sales grow all across Google surfaces

Why Google Shopping Ads?

Selling on Google Shopping gives the world access to your products. Shopping Ads have launched in over 40 countries, and many more are in beta. Your next customers will discover and buy your products through highly relevant ads, reviews, information on in-store availability, photos, and more. In fact, Google has reported that 40% of online shoppers use this service to find good deals.

Boost Your Google Shopping Roas

See DataFeedWatch in action!

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Frequently asked questions, answered.

  • What other integrations can I use?

    We’re compatible with over 2000 channels, including the most popular like Facebook Dynamic Ads, Amazon Marketplace, Bing, Criteo, Pinterest, eBay, and more. We can even create custom channels to tailor to your needs. Browse all integrations here.

  • What other Google programs can I use DataFeedWatch for?

    In addition to Google Shopping, Search & Display you can take advantage of ready-made feed templates for Google Local Inventory Ads, Google Local Products, Google Product Reviews, Google Promotions, Google Manufacturers Feed, or Free Product Listings.

    You can also integrate with Google Jobs, Google Hotels, or create a custom Google feed.

  • How can I import product data to DataFeedWatch?

    We support feed integration through major shopping cart software like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and many more. You can also upload your feed using .CSV/.TXT, Google Sheets, JSON, or .XML. files.

    Our Shop Wizard will walk you through the process in just a couple of minutes.

  • How can I upload my feed to Google Merchant Center from DataFeedWatch?

    Grab your ready-made link from DataFeedWatch and paste it as a feed source in your Google Merchant Account. Then you’ll be all set!

  • We manage Google advertising for multiple clients. How does it work with DataFeedWatch?

    Digital agencies and PPC teams love DataFeedWatch for the ease of multi-account feed management.

    Our Agency solution has no limit to the number of clients or feeds. Teams can work simultaneously on optimizing multiple product catalogs thanks to customizable account structure with sub-user access.

  • I work with large product catalogs - can DataFeedWatch keep up with my needs?

    You can rest assured knowing that your feeds will be updated daily, no matter how many products, channels, or stores you have. We process over 1.5 billion products daily, so your feeds are in good hands.

  • How will DataFeedWatch save me time?

    Gone are the days of manually maintaining and updating your feeds. With DataFeedWatch you’ll be able to use premade feed templates and robust data transformation to shape your data into campaigns that convert. Centralize the management of your feeds - edit fields in bulk, set daily feed updates to keep up with your changing inventory, and use product-level analytics to act on your results, all in one place.

  • How do I create a Google Shopping feed?

    You can create a Google Shopping feed in many ways: manually in Google spreadsheets, using data export plugins, a content API, or, the easiest and most powerful method: by using a feed management software like DataFeedWatch.
    DataFeedWatch allows you to create a Google Shopping feed in a matter of minutes (with a pre-loaded template) and customize it as much as you need. Once the feed is ready, you only need to copy and paste the feed URL into your Google Merchant Center account.

  • Does Google Shopping have an API?

    It's possible to send your products to Google Shopping via Content API. The API method allows you to manage product listings and available inventory automatically. The biggest drawback of Content API is that it lacks optimization capabilities. The data feed is exported to Google Merchant Center exactly as configurated in the store, which is rarely optimized for ad conversion.

  • What are automated data feeds?

    Automated feeds are product data feeds that are regularly updated with the latest product information pulled from your webshop. Once the initial feed configuration is set, you don't need to worry about updating stock information, and prices or making sure the new releases are a part of the feed. DataFeedWatch automatically maintains your product feeds so your Shopping ads are relevant and up-to-date.

  • What triggers Google Shopping?

    Google Shopping ads are triggered by a combination of factors included in Google's algorithm. Although the exact mechanism of the algorithm is not disclosed, marketers observed that factors such as product title, product price, presence of GTIN, and bidding strategy play an important in determining when and where your Shopping Ads are shown.

  • Is Google Shopping free?

    Google made Google Shopping listing free in a limited capacity back in 2020. The free listings are now available globally and give merchants the possibility to showcase their products across the Shopping tab, YouTube, Google Images, and Google Lens. It is important to know that the visibility of free listings is limited compared to paid product listings.

2000+ shopping channels,and more...