Google Shopping Feed Automation

Clean up and optimize your product feeds for the Google Merchant Center

  • Avoid errors with automated feed validation
  • Use advanced rules to edit products in bulk
  • Find winning variations with A/B testing strategies

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Intuitive and easy to use

Google Merchant Center does not make managing your product feed easy, DataFeedWatch does.

  • Automated Mapping

    Automated mapping

    All channel requirements are pre-loaded so your data feeds will be automatically generated in the right format.

    Your product data is passed to the Google Merchant Center in the right format and meets the requirements and limitations for each data attribute.

  • Advanced product rules

    Advanced product feed rules

    Use advanced rules such as extracting color from the description, product type from title, or auto-generating categories for 50 different product types.

    Optimize your feed further by adding missing data (like eg. GTIN) from external sources, calculating profit margins, or deploying regex for complex product rules.

  • Custom labels

    Custom labels

    Organize products in your Google Shopping campaigns for quick and easy optimization.

    Create custom labels based on seasonality, best sellers, high ROl, or any other variable you can think of. Use these product groups to monitor performance, create reports, and adjust bids.

  • A/B testing

    A/B testing

    Modify your feed content in any number of ways and run A/B tests to pick the best variations.

    Improve your product feeds by making duplicate feeds and experimenting using A/B testing.

  • Product exclusions

    Product exclusions

    Don't waste your advertising budget on products that are not in stock. Create a rule to automatically exclude sold-out or low-in-stock products from your catalog until restocked.

    You can also exclude products from the feed based on prices, profitability, seasonality, and other parameters.

  • Feed review

    Feed review & synchronization

    Check any feed errors, and clean up your product attributes before uploading it to your Google Merchant Center account.

    Get all of your product data from your store synced with Google Merchant Center multiple times a day, including important changes like product availability, prices, new and removed products, and more.

We support most popular shopping carts and more!

Keep your product listings always up-to-date

Connect your optimized product data from your store to the Google Merchant Center

  • Connect Your Data to DataFeedWatch

    Import your feed from eCommerce CMS integrations such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and others.

    Or import any Google Sheet, XML, TXT, CV, or JSON file.

    Connect any missing product data from external sources: list of GTINs, cost data, performance data, warehouse data, etc.

  • Optimize your product feeds

    Easily configure product data to match your objectives with guided onboarding, pre-made templates & limitless data manipulations.

    You can always book a live session with our experts to advance and optimize your product feed for free.

  • Review your feed and send it to GMC

    The automatic Feed Review report checks your feed and gives you a detailed list of any errors with exact steps on how to fix them.

    Once your optimized feed is ready, simply approve it and connect it to Google Merchant Center.

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  • We’re compatible with over 2000 channels, including the most popular like Facebook Dynamic Ads, Amazon Marketplace, Bing, Criteo, Pinterest, eBay, and more. We can even create custom channels to tailor to your needs. Browse all integrations here.

  • In addition to Google Shopping, Search & Display you can take advantage of ready-made feed templates for Google Local Inventory Ads, Google Local Products, Google Product Reviews, Google Promotions, Google Manufacturers Feed, or Free Product Listings.

    You can also integrate with Google Jobs, Google Hotels, or create a custom Google feed.

  • We support feed integration through major shopping cart software like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and many more. You can also upload your feed using .CSV/.TXT, Google Sheets, JSON, or .XML. files.

    Our Shop Wizard will walk you through the process in just a couple of minutes.

  • Grab your ready-made link from DataFeedWatch and paste it as a feed source in your Google Merchant Account. Then you’ll be all set!

  • Digital agencies and PPC teams love DataFeedWatch for the ease of multi-account feed management.

    Our Agency solution has no limit to the number of clients or feeds. Teams can work simultaneously on optimizing multiple product catalogs thanks to customizable account structure with sub-user access.

  • You can rest assured knowing that your feeds will be updated daily, no matter how many products, channels, or stores you have. We process over 1.5 billion products daily, so your feeds are in good hands

  • Gone are the days of manually maintaining and updating your feeds. With DataFeedWatch you’ll be able to use premade feed templates and robust data transformation to shape your data into campaigns that convert. Centralize the management of your feeds - edit fields in bulk, set daily feed updates to keep up with your changing inventory, and use product-level analytics to act on your results, all in one place.

  • You can create a Google Shopping feed in many ways: manually in Google spreadsheets, using data export plugins, a content API, or, the easiest and most powerful method: by using a feed management software like DataFeedWatch.

    DataFeedWatch allows you to create a Google Shopping feed in a matter of minutes (with a pre-loaded template) and customize it as much as you need. Once the feed is ready, you only need to copy and paste the feed URL into your Google Merchant Center account.

  • It's possible to send your products to Google Shopping via Content API. The API method allows you to manage product listings and available inventory automatically. The biggest drawback of Content API is that it lacks optimization capabilities. The data feed is exported to Google Merchant Center exactly as configurated in the store, which is rarely optimized for ad conversion.

  • Automated feeds are product data feeds that are regularly updated with the latest product information pulled from your webshop. Once the initial feed configuration is set, you don't need to worry about updating stock information, and prices or making sure the new releases are a part of the feed. DataFeedWatch automatically maintains your product feeds so your Shopping ads are relevant and up-to-date.

  • Google Shopping ads are triggered by a combination of factors included in Google's algorithm. Although the exact mechanism of the algorithm is not disclosed, marketers observed that factors such as product title, product price, presence of GTIN, and bidding strategy play an important in determining when and where your Shopping Ads are shown.

  • Google made Google Shopping listing free in a limited capacity back in 2020. The free listings are now available globally and give merchants the possibility to showcase their products across the Shopping tab, YouTube, Google Images, and Google Lens. It is important to know that the visibility of free listings is limited compared to paid product listings.