The State of eCommerce Multichannel Advertising 2023

Multichannel eCommerce Report 2023 by by - Inside the Ecommerce Industry

Improve your strategy with data insights from over 16 thousand eCommerce businesses: retailers, brands, and digital agencies.

  • Find out the best channels to advertise on for your product category and market
  • See what strategies eCommerce brands are deploying for success: pricing, inventory and more
  • Get the winning PPC tactics to drive your performance in 2024

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Jacques van der Wilt

General Manager Feed Marketing at

Today, consumers often require dozens, if not hundreds, of touchpoints before deciding to purchase. While numerous studies explore shopper behaviors, we wanted to offer something unique. We envisioned providing retailers with insight into their competitors’ strategies and decision-making. And that's what you'll find in the report.

Table of contents

  • Advertising & Marketing Trends

    • Online retailers are cutting back on multichannel presence in eCommerce digital distribution.
    • Which ad platforms are retailers turning to as the usage of Search channels continues to drop?
    • Online stores are more eager to offer discounts: nearly 14% growth year over year.
  • Strategy & Planning

    • Big online stores with 200K+ products advertise on 6.5 more channels than small shops with less than 10K products. What's the strategy behind that?
    • Adding extra product details through secondary data sources like inventory management systems can improve campaign performance. It’s an underused tactic deployed by 14% of advertisers.
  • Troubleshooting & Execution

    • 17.91% of merchants use sale status as the main criterion to segment their products for more effective bidding.
    • 66.6% of advertisers adjust the advertising catalog size for various shopping platforms.
    • 32% of advertisers add multiple images to avoid ad fatigue and increase the possibility of first-time purchases.
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