DataFeedWatch vs Channable

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How does DataFeedWatch stack up against Channable?

Both tools offer Full Functionality and both are players in the European eCommerce arena. If you need to choose between DataFeedWatch and Channable, lets zoom in and see which tool is right for you.

DataFeedWatch and Channable are similar tools. Both are focused on data feed optimization. The pricing is almost the same for both services.

The differences mainly revolve around these areas:

Easy to Use

Conceptually, the two tools offer similar mapping functionalities. Easy-of-use of the tool make the difference. DataFeedWatch offers a more intuitive and way to map your feeds. All optimizations are one click away.

Support & Customer Satisfaction

DataFeedWatch offers support & live chat from 9am til midnight – Channable is limited to office hours and offers no live chat. Support is often mentioned as a strong point for DataFeedWatch in the 5-star ratings in e.g. the Shopify app store.

Manage on ROI

Channable lacks the ability to manage on RoI. They do offer the same Google Analytics based traffic data as DataFeedWatch, but as they do not offer cost data (cpc, cpa) on product level, it is not possible to review the RoI of each product.

Local vs Global

DataFeedWatch operates 1,000 channels in 50 countries. DataFeedWatch caters to thousands of SMB retailers but also to agencies and global brands like adidas and Kenzo or local top reatilers like wehkamp and Blokker. Channable is primarily focused on its home market, The Netherlands, and is expanding ingto a few neighboring countries.