DataFeedWatch vs ChannelAdvisor

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How does DataFeedWatch stack up against ChannelAdvisor?

Both tools offer full functionality and both are players in the global eCommerce arena. If you need to choose between DataFeedWatch and ChannelAdvisor, lets zoom in and see which tool is right for you.


DataFeedWatch and ChannelAdvisor are equal when it comes to data feed optimization. DataFeedWatch is easier to use while ChannelAdvisor has integrations with more marketplaces.

Price x10

A large retailer or agency pays an average of $3,000/mo on ChannelAdvisor and $300 on DataFeedWatch.

  • ChannelAdvisor charges a minimum fee of $1,000/mo plus a percentage of revenue, for the various services that they offer. With a 12-month minimum term, you must make a down payment of $12,000 before you even get started.
  • DataFeedWatch, charges a fee for data feed optimization only, which is based on the number of products; modular pricing ensures that they only pay for what they use.

Which tool to select?

The trade-off for any retailer is quite simple:

You choose ChannelAdvisor if you want an all-in-one ecommerce service with not just data feed optimization but also various other services, like bid management, re-pricing and ‘Where to buy’ and you are willing to pay the price for that.

If you want a best-in-breed data feed optimization tool, you go for DataFeedWatch: full functionality and affordable pricing  Even when combined with other best-in-breed applications (for bid management or marketplace integrations), you will save a lot of money.

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ChannelAdvisor vs DataFeedWatch