DataFeedWatch vs Feedonomics

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How does DataFeedWatch stack up against Feedonomics?

Both tools offer Full Functionality and both are players in the global eCommerce arena. If you need to choose between DataFeedWatch and Feedonomics, lets zoom in and see which tool is right for you. 

Feedonomics and DataFeedWatch offer similar functionality, but there are a few striking differences: 

DataFeedWatch is a DiY service

DataFeedWatch is a DYI service

You can create and optimize yourself your product data feeds. This will give you full ownership of the process. The advantages of optimizing your feeds are:

  • Your feeds & shopping campaign are in sync: Your feeds are optimized by yourself, tailored to your needs. Our team of support heroes will assist you in executing all changes you can think of.
  • Agility: Any changes to your feeds are implemented as soon as you execute them.

This makes the choice quite simple: If you want to be hands-on with your feeds DataFeedWatch is the better option.

Price x3

DataFeedWatch is a lot more affordable, since it is a DiY service. Basic fees are at least double at Feedonomics and if you would like to sell & sync on marketplaces, cost will easily quadruple. With a minimum fee of $199/mo, SMB-retailers are better served with DataFeedWatch’ $34 and $59 plans. 

Customer Satisfaction and Transparency

Feedonomics has no reviews.

DataFeedWatch has a 5-star rating in the Shopify app store and a 4.5 star rating on Capterra, from dozens of reviews.

Let’s see what some DataFeedWatch customers have to say about working with us:

‘’Great, pragmatic and fast support’’

‘’Customer support is amazing as well and always willing to help and go the extra mile’’

‘’ Great support and great management software, what's not to like? And if software does not support a specific functions, then you just write to the staff which gladly will assist you/programm it for you. All the featuers, staff and user experience is simple and amazing’’


Feedonomics has only a handful testimonials on its own site and they are all are anonymous.

On the other hand, DataFeedWatch has testimonials from SMB’s, large retailers and agencies from all over the world.


With a presence in over 50 countries and over 1,000 channels and marketplaces both tools cater to merchants selling globally.


DataFeedWatch vs Feedonomics