DataFeedWatch vs Lengow

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How does DataFeedWatch stack up against Lengow?

Both tools offer full functionality and both are players in the global eCommerce arena. If you need to choose between DataFeedWatch and Lengow, lets zoom in and see which tool is right for you. 

Lengow and DataFeedWatch are very alike.

  • Both offer full functionality.
  • Both are global players.
  • Both are catering to large international brands like adidas, the Honest Company and Kenzo (DataFeedWatch), or OfficeDepot, Mango and Nisbets (Lengow)

The difference lies in price and ease of use.

Price x3

Lengow is approx. 3x more expensive than DataFeedWatch. With extra charges for additional shops and marketplaces, the difference may be even bigger. Lengow does get you into more marketplaces than DataFeedWatch and available in more languages, but that is not enough to warrant such a big price difference.

Lengow launched when data feed optimization was difficult and technical and large retailers were happy to pay top dollar to get that monkey off their back. Lengow still has Enterprise level pricing with €850 (euro) for 100,000 products.

DataFeedwatch has modular pricing with no minimum fees. That makes it the better choice for SMB retailers. For larger retailers and agencies there are also not many reasons to pay so much extra for the same service.

Easy to Use

Conceptually, the two tools offer similar mapping functionalities. Easy-of-use and the intuitiveness of the tool make the difference. In DataFeedWatch, you have a simple and comprehensible overview of all your mappings; all optimization tools are one click away.


At Lengow, you need to sign a contract minimum term of 12 months. DataFeedWatch is a typical Saas that does not require any commitment.



Lengow vs DataFeedWatch