DataFeedWatch vs ProductsUp

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How does DataFeedWatch stack up against ProductsUp?

Both tools offer Full Functionality and both are players in the global eCommerce arena. If you need to choose between DataFeedWatch and ProductsUp, lets zoom in and see which tool is right for you.

ProductsUp and DataFeedWatch are very alike.

  • Both offer full functionality in an intuitive interface.
  • Both are global players.
  • Both are catering to large international brands like adidas, the Honest Company and Kenzo(DataFeedWatch), or Triumph, Dell and TigerDirect (ProductsUp).

The difference lies in price and complexity.

Price x10

ProductsUp launched when data feed optimization was difficult and technical and large retailers were happy to pay top dollar to get that monkey off their back. ProductsUp still has Enterprise level pricing: The minimum fee is $999 per month and 50,000 SKUs are charged with a monthly fee of $2,500. Marketplaces (incl. order syncing) are charged at an additional $500 per month each. 

DataFeedwatch has modular pricing with no minimum fees. That makes it the better choice for SMB retailers. Larger retailers and agencies that realize that data feeds should not take up too much of their advertising budget, can benefit from the large price difference.

Tracking and Statistics

Both DataFeedWatch and productsUp offers insight in the performance of every single product on each channel. DataFeedWatch is combining Google Analytics data with feed data. With a single click, the retailer provides access to the Google Analytics data that he already has in place and DataFeedWatch does the rest.

ProductsUp has created its own proprietary statistics. The retailer needs to implement multiple pixels on his pages and execute several steps to get access to his statistics.



ProductsUp vs DataFeedWatch