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Optimize your feeds & sell everywhere you want.

Feed management

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Grow your Shopify store with optimized product feeds.

2000+ channels - Sell your products on shopping channels, marketplaces, and through affiliate networks of your choosing. Both globally and locally.

Full automation - Your feeds are updated and sent to your channels every day. New products in your store are automatically added to your feed.

Ready in 3 simple steps - Feed templates, clear optimization panel, and unlimited modifications. With support to guide you through it all.

Advance your campaigns - Advertise smarter than your competitors. Adjust bids based on profit margins, exclude the product variants draining your PPC budget, use custom labels to enhance how you bid, and so much more..

Save yourself hours of work - Your feeds are reviewed automatically for errors, such as missing or invalid data, to avoid the back-and-forth with the shopping channels you sell on.

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Manage your products' performance in real time.

Identify bestsellers - Put your advertising budget into products that sell. Mark them in your feed and bid with confidence. And create dedicated ‘bestseller’ campaigns.

Know where your customers are - Take a closer look at how each of your channels are performing. Be where your customers are.

Cut the waste and increase your ROI - Exclude underperforming items from your feed and campaigns with a single click. Move away from bad-performers and boost your ROI.

Manage performance - Bid up or down, shift your focus, invest more, or discontinue. Make data-driven decisions to get the most out of your product catalog.

Track progress - Adjust feeds and campaigns to influence your product performance. Build a winning long-term strategy.

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Turn product feeds into compelling Search Ads.

Automate your Search Ads - Create automatic Google Text Ads and Campaigns for every item in your catalog.

Maximize your budget - Out-of-stock products are automatically excluded from the feed & from your text ads.

Generate unique keywords & ads - Automatically generate an ad group with unique keywords per each product. Sourced from the product title, or another attribute.

Daily campaign updates - Product data in your ads is always up to date - with new items, price updates, and refreshed availability.

Balanced bidding - No more overspending. Dynamically set max CPC & CPA based on your products’ price or profit margin.

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Boost your sales with better marketplace listings.

Connect in minutes - Get your products on Amazon, eBay, Bol, Rakuten and more, in just a few clicks.

Automate your workload - Keep manual work to a minimum. List new products, optimize, and keep your listings updated at all times.

Scale with workflows - Use powerful, rule-based actions to filter products you want to list. Manage thousands of products with a scalable workflow that's compatible with large catalogs.

Optimize your listings - Use our world-class listing optimization workflow to build specific marketplace descriptions that perform.

Trust & Reach - Benefit from the trust the marketplace has established with its users and expose your brand to entirely new audiences.

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The digital spyglass to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Monitor your competition - Check who is selling your products and at what price. Track their every price move.

Price with data - Find your cheapest competitor. Filter competitors by name. Check how far you are from the average price. Beat your competitors for the products that matter the most to you.

Get a strategic advantage - See where you stand among your competitors. Use insights to build an unbeatable strategy and claim your share of the market.

Repricing opportunities - Discover which of your products are underpriced or overpriced. Set optimal prices for each product with our smart algorithms.

Pay for what you need - No pre-defined plans. No tiers. Fees depend only on the number of products monitored & the frequency of data updates.

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