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Product-Level Analytics

What gets measured,
gets optimized.

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Manage your products' performance easily. 

DFW-Analytics* provides advertisers with a comprehensive overview:

• how each product is performing across your shopping channels

• the collective results of each item on all your channels

• overall performance of the channels you’re advertising on

*part of the DataFeedWatch Feed Optimization Solution

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Grow Your Business with Product-Level Analytics

Cut the waste and increase your ROI

Exclude the underperforming items from your feed and campaigns with a single click. Shifting away from bad-performers will boost your ROI.

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Identify bestsellers

Put your advertising budget into products that sell. Mark them in your feed and bid up! Or, create dedicated ‘bestseller’ campaigns.

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Manage performance

Bid up or down, shift your focus, invest more or discontinue. Make data-driven decisions to get the most out of your product catalog.

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Know where your customers are

Take a closer look at how each of your channels are performing and be where your customers are.

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Track progress

Knowing how feed adjustments and campaign tweaks influence your product performance is key to building a winning long-term strategy.

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Why our Customers choose DataFeedWatch


Ted Kritikos

"Optimizing my feeds and campaigns with DataFeedWatch has really boosted my sales."


Tracy Tate

"They are always around to advise and to explain. Thanks guys!"


Mark Patchett

"All my feeds in a single Interface. It has made my work so much easier!"

Optimize Performance

DFW-Analytics is a part of our Data Feed Solution. Check our Plans for more details.

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