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Data Feed Optimization

The key to building successful shopping campaigns.

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Maximize the success of your online selling.

Product feeds are the foundation for driving your shopping campaign objectives. 

DataFeedWatch simplifies and automates feed-work to help you grow your presence and sales on online channels.

  • create ads your customers engage with

  • boost your online visibility

  • increase your conversion rate and ROI
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Grow Your Business with Optimized Product Feeds

Feeds Made Easy

Get your feed ready in 3 steps. Feed templates, clear optimization panel, unlimited modifications. And the greatest Support Team always around to assist you!

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2000+ Channels

Sell your products on shopping channels, marketplaces, and through affiliate networks of your choosing. Globally and locally.

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Advance Your Campaigns

Unlock new opportunities in your campaigns with enriched feeds. For example, adjust bids based on your profit margin.

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It’s All Automated

Your feeds are updated and sent to your channels every day. New products in your shop are automatically added to your feed.

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Saving Time

Review your feed for issues such as missing or invalid data and avoid the back-and-forth with the shopping channels.

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Why our Customers choose DataFeedWatch

The PPC team at StubGroup Advertising loves working with DataFeedWatch.

“Using the fresh, expanded feed we dug into the Google Shopping campaign to look for opportunities to increase performance…”

379% increase in conversion

333% increase in click volume year-over-year

John Horn

Managing Partner
at StubGroup

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