Configure and optimize all your product feeds with a few clicks

Improve the quality of your product feeds and automate feed delivery to grow your sales on online channels

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4.8 265+ ratings

Get complete control and flexibility over every attribute in your product feed

  • Product Mapping

    Use product mapping templates to speed up your work

    All channels requirements are pre-loaded so your data feeds will be automatically generated in the right format.

    Custom labels enable you to bid on specific products

    Create custom labels to bid based on price, margin, season, or special offer. Bidding on specific attributes can drastically improve your ROI.

  • Include & Exclude Products

    Identify unprofitable products and remove them from your feeds

    Many products get a lot of clicks but never get sold. Removing unprofitable products from your campaign saves you a lot of money. Only spend your budget on winners.

    Use availability attribute to coordinate product quantities

    When the availability of each product is in your data feed, you will no longer waste your advertising budget on products that are not in stock.

  • Feed Review Report

    Avoid common listing errors with automated feed validation

    Use the review report to check your feed and avoid common errors before completing your product upload. The report includes detailed list of errors and exact steps to fix them.

    Save time when selling across different channels

    Channels have different requirements and best practices for optimization. Feed review identifies any issues for each channel before you upload your products.

Integrations & advertising platforms

2000+ search engines, social platforms, shopping channels, marketplaces, and custom channels

See how companies use DataFeedWatch to drive performance

  • E-commerce marketing agency Coalition improved ROAS for Google Shopping Ads by 451%

    “We removed the Content API feed and replaced it with the feed we created in DataFeedWatch. The feed was very healthy, better categorized for each channel, and very search specific. After implementing the feed created with DataFeedWatch, the performance improved significantly and immediately produced solid results, in both Standard and Smart Shopping campaigns.”

  • Adidas simplified their product feed distribution, saving them hours of work every day

    "We have created custom labels for attributes that are important to us, for example sport category or type of garment. This enables us to tweak our bids on Google Shopping very specifically. And with DataFeedWatch Analytics, we review the cost and revenue of each product on every channel and remove unprofitable products from our shopping feeds with a single click.“

  • Minneapolis agency Elumynt used DataFeedWatch to scale revenue from Snapchat by 86% with 10x ROAS

    “Once we set up our channel in DataFeedWatch, made customizations, and got our feed into Snap, we launched our optimized Catalog Sales campaign. By refreshing the content and ad formats based on what we know works and modifying the bid strategy and ad setup, we achieved a 10.5x ROAS on $10K in spend.”

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