Feed Analytics

Your unified data collection for feed campaign performance

90-day free trial available. $75/month after trial.

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Connect all the platforms you advertise on

Connect your favored ad platforms to Unified Analytics, enabling you to monitor and assess campaign performance from a single, centralized dashboard.

Easily compare & analyze the campaigns’ results

Look into an advanced yet straight forward data report. Understand the real impact of your campaigns to make better decisions based on reliable data.

Monitor ROAS to optimize your strategies

Feed Analytics reviews the ROAS and identifies which campaigns you could improve. Embrace these suggestions to avoid both overspending and underspending.

Anticipate the point of diminishing returns

Feed Analytics detects anomalies and predicts the point of diminishing returns, suggesting the optimal point of spending where you're getting the maximum return on your investment.

Stay on top of your GA4 transition

Feed Analytics blends your historical Google Analytics data with your current GA4 implementation. These pixel-perfect insights ensure that you're not missing any critical historical data and keep you updated on new patterns.

Want to boost up your campaigns?

With Feed Analytics, you can.