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Feed-Driven Google Search Ads

Create engaging Search Campaigns on Google - automatically.

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Turning product feeds into compelling Search Ads.

Your text ads can be automatically created for each and every item in your catalog. No matter if it holds 100 or a million products. 

Reach searchers with your brand message:

  • create powerful ads with an ad-pattern builder

  • generate unique keywords per product

  • cover all types of search traffic

  • optimize your bids based on price or margin
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Grow Your Business with Feed-Driven Text Ads

Unique keywords & ads

Automatically generate an ad group with unique keywords per each product. Sourced from the product title or another attribute.

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Automated, streamlined process

Your Google Text Ads and Campaigns will be created automatically for every item in your product feed. Based on your data feed.

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Daily campaign updates

Product data in your ads is always up to date - with new items, price updates, and refreshed availability.

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No more
budget waste!

Out-of-stock products will be automatically excluded from the feed & from your text ads.

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No more overspending. Dynamically set max CPC & CPA based on the product’s price or profit margin.

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Why our Customers choose DataFeedWatch

After implementing Feed-Driven Search Campaigns with DataFeedWatch, we saw a 109,43% increase in conversion rate from search campaigns, compared to the past campaigns.

181% increase in ROAS

10% increase in quality score

Jacob Madsen

Partner and Google Ads
Specialist at River Online


Flexible, scale-as-you-grow pricing.
Available as a standalone solution and add-on to the Feed Optimization Solution.

    • Number of shops
    • Number of products
    • 1000 extra products
    • Number of campaigns

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Improve your visibility and conversion on SERP with feed-driven text ads.

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