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The digital spyglass to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Know Your Price-Rank & Claim a Strong Position

You can easily become the most affordable and beat your competitors for the products that matter the most to you.

Price-Watch simply checks who else is selling your products and for what price.

Select the products and metrics, and find out your pricing position instantly. Then, fine-tune your pricing strategy to stay in the lead.

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Grow Your Business with Price-Watch

Strategic Advantage

Find out where you stand among your competitors. Use the insights to build an unbeatable strategy and claim your fair share of the market.

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Competitors Monitoring

See who else is offering the same products as you at what exact price. And track their every price move.

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Flexible Pricing

No pre-defined plans. No tiers. Fees depending only on the number of products monitored & the frequency of data updates.

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Tons of Data

Find your cheapest competitor. Filter competitors by name. Check how far you are from the average price. And more!

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Repricing Opportunities

Which products are underpriced and which are overpriced? Based on the market overview, our smart algorithms will suggest the optimal price for each product.

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Why our Customers choose DataFeedWatch

Jeff Richardson

"Optimizing my feeds and campaigns with DataFeedWatch has really boosted my sales."


Tracy Tate

"They are always around to advise and to explain. Thanks guys!"


Mark Patchett

"All my feeds in a single Interface. It has made my work so much easier!"