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Optimize your Shopping Feeds and Grow your ROI

1. Intuitive feed creation

Creating data feeds is fast and intuitive.

Preloaded templates ensure that your product feed meets the requirements of over 1,000+ shopping channels.  You can manipulate your feed in any way: add missing data, replace or combine values, exclude products, add categories and much more.


2. Optimize your campaign ROI

DFW-Analytics shows you the performance of each product on every channel. This enables you to identify and remove the unprofitable products from your feed. That will drastically improve the performance of your campaigns.

3. Feed Quality Review

Your product feed is the foundation you build your shopping campaigns on. You can evaluate and troubleshoot your feed directly in DataFeedWatch. 

You can check if the data you’re sending to that channel is complete. The tool allows you to diagnose the products and make necessary adjustments before fetching the feed through Google Merchant Center.


4. Feed-Driven Google Text Ads

Creating and updating text ad campaigns in Google is a lot of work. But with DataFeedWatch Text Ads you can automate the entire process.

Feed-Driven Text Ads will not only save you a lot of tedious work, but it will also improve your campaign results. Feed-driven text ads and keywords are always up to date and are specific to every product.

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Online retailers are loving DataFeedWatch

“Ease of use and price point. It's also pretty flexible with what you can do though not overly complicated (like some other feed management platforms I've used). The guys in the support team are always responsive and have always sorted any queries quickly and efficiently.”
tour-2 Sara J.,
Google Shopping Expert
“Customer service. Whenever I am struggling to perform a task, I can always count to DataFeedWatch’s customer service. So far they have always found an easy solution for me. I also like the interface a lot, DataFeedWatch is very easy to use and also more complex tasks are easy to execute.”
tour-3 Juuso R.,
Partner Sales Specialist
“Easy to use, they take care of all the heavy lifting with the shopping cart integration. Fantastic customer support team, they have been very responsive and they know how to get stuff done. Lots of configuration options for special cases with products.”
tour-4 Brett F.,
SEM Specialist