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Optimize your Shopping Feeds and ROI

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1. Intuitive feed creation

Creating data feeds is very easy.
Preloaded templates ensure that your data feeds meet the requirements of a 1,000+ shopping channels. You can optimize your feed in any way: add missing data, replace or combine values, exclude products, add categories and much more. 80% does not require any training – 20% gets instant support on Live Chat.

2. Optimize your campaign ROI

DFW-Analytics shows you the performance of each product on every channel. This enables you to identify and remove the unprofitable products from your feed. That will drastically improve the performance of your campaigns.

3. Monitoring 24/7

Your data feeds are monitored around the clock. You receive notifications if anything goes wrong.

4. Sync Marketplace Orders

Orders booked on a marketplace are synchronised with your online store: Your inventory is always updated and you can fulfil your order from the admin panel of your store.

5. Agency Account

Agencies can manage multiple shops and campaigns in a single account. With DataFeedWatch, an agency does not need any access to the customer’s store and can optimize the feeds without any technical help from his customer.