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About Us

We're a Team of Feed Marketing Ninjas on a mission to Help Merchants Grow. It all started back in 2013, when the need for optimized data has become clear in the fast-developing PPC arena. Since then, we’ve built an all-in-one feed marketing solution covering everything online retailers need to reach their potential on any sales channel. Today, we proudly support over 15,000 online shops in 60 countries, on 2000+ channels. And we’re not stopping until each and every shop gets their feeds optimized!

DataFeedWatch at a Glance

  • 15375 Happy Customers

  • 65,846+ Feeds Optimized

  • Hectoliters of Coffees Drank

  • 10,000+ Trees Planted

Growing our planet

As we help merchants grow, we also want to give back to the planet. That’s why we started our tree planting initiative in 2020 with Tree Nation. Now every new sign up plants a tree! Together with our customers, we’ve planted over 10,000 trees and counting, which is more than 7 hectares of reforestation and about 3500 tonnes of CO2 captured.

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DataFeedWatch Rewind

  • Present Day

    Today we’re here to support you (yes, YOU!) in your growth. Caring about our Customers’ needs and aspirations is our #1 focus, so we’re always anticipating the next digital trends to support you on your journey.

    This includes enriching our feed solution with new tools like competitive price monitoring, providing educational materials, and always being there to answer questions.

  • Team Growth

    Our team has grown to over 80 feed experts strong. Everything we do, we do with passion - from developing new features and supporting our customers, to writing articles. Altogether, we speak over 9 languages (German, Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Danish, Polish, and Portuguese). We're a fun and vibrant bunch made up of biking freaks and movie geeks, plant and animal lovers, readers and life-long learners, outdoor enthusiasts, and more.

  • 10K Online Shops

    We’re happy to have over 10,000 online shops worldwide that trust us with their key digital assets, including iconic brands like Adidas and Decathlon. Our mission won’t end until every single merchant gets an awesome feed. We're committed to making our solution even better and empowering each and every seller, from the smallest shop to the largest.

  • Feed-Driven Search Ads

    An innovative approach to Google Search Ads is added to our PPC professionals' toolkit. This is our automated Search Ads solution that’s fueled by data feeds and allows you to automatically create unique ads and keywords for your products. We continue to look for ways to embrace the holistic nature of PPC advertising.

  • Google Partnership

    We add a major player to our partners - Google! Becoming a Google partner made way for new opportunities like regularly holding events and workshops with Google all over Europe.

    We co-ran workshops in over 7 cities like Stockholm, London, Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen, and Aarhus. In all, we’ve connected with 1,034 PPC pros and retailers who we shared the mysteries of data optimization with. We’re looking forward to seeing YOU at future events!

  • Going Global (and multilingual)

    Merchants across the globe are now able to grow their eCommerce ROI and expand to 50+ countries. Our clients are able to sell locally and globally with over 1000 channels. We introduce local websites for Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, and Portugal. Plus, the app is compatible with any language out there. Our offices become global as well with locations in the USA, the Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

  • DataFeedWatch EST.

    On this special day in history, DataFeedWatch is born out of a drive for innovation and growth. Our passion for feed optimization took its roots in San Mateo, California and began with a clear mission in mind. Since day one of being founded, our mission has always been the same: Help Merchants Grow.

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