Set-up Your Data Feed for Facebook Dynamic Ads

Welcome to the Set-up Your Data Feed for Facebook Dynamic Ads Course

1.1. Course Info

Are you ready to take on the Facebook Marketplace? We’ve got all the tips you need to set up and optimize your feed to fit Facebook’s requirements.

What’s more, besides just meeting basic requirements, you’ll also learn how to fully optimize your product feed for the best results. And if you already have a Google Shopping feed then you won’t need to start your feed from scratch since you can copy it and then make the needed adjustments.

Having an optimized Facebook Product Catalog will also start the foundation for selling on Instagram, so it’s a valuable skill to get the hang of. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Tweak your Google Shopping feed for Facebook,
  • Merge product variations,
  • Upload your feed to Facebook Product Catalog.


Jump into this course and start selling your products successfully on Facebook to reach your customers on social media.


Difficulty level:
Total Time:
11 minutes 56 seconds