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Global brands, agencies, and local merchants have found their success with DataFeedWatch. Trace various industry stories and get inspired.

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Why online merchants and agencies love DataFeedWatch?

  • We are currently running 3 feeds with DataFeedWatch and it has worked very well. Throughout setup, they have provided fantastic customer support. [..] the software simply works well. Highly recommend this app.

    Cigar Manor
  • You guys are awesome. DataFeedWatch customer support is the best part to help out for the beginners like me. And the application is tremendous to add on the channels wherein i can market our products. Cheers!

    Rustic White Plum
  • Just great. Fantastic data-feed app with a great blend of ease-of-use with ability to customize. We were up and running with multiple data feeds in no time, and the only time in my career I have seen a 100% error-free Google feed!