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Let’s sum it up

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Ease of Use

DataFeedWatch offers a more intuitive way to map your feeds. You can create a feed with 3 simple steps. In Channable you need to double the number of steps to get your feed ready.

Feed-Driven Text Ads are also way faster to set up, and offer a possibility to create keywords via tag combination and product title truncation.


Service Quality

Our Team of Feed Marketing Ninjas is around 24/7, reachable via live chat, email or even online session. Channable is limited to office hours and offers no live chat.

On an independent review platform - Capterra, DataFeedWatch support received a score of 4.8, while Channable’s support is graded 4.5.

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Global Reach

DataFeedWatch operates on over 2000 shopping channels, in 50 countries and in 10 languages.
Channable is primarily focused on its home market, The Netherlands, and is expanding into neighbouring countries.

DataFeedWatch is trusted by global brands like adidas, Decathlon, Kenzo and many local Dutch companies such as Blokker, Whello or Happy Idiots.

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Why merchants & agencies choose DataFeedWatch


“Consistent, Quality Service!”

"It has been about 3 - 4 years since I began using their service. They have been consistent in offering a robust solution and I couldn't be happier! DataFeedWatch is constantly adding improvements and making sure their customers are taken care of. In fact, their customer service is SUPERB."

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