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Service Model

DataFeedWatch is primarily based on a DIY model, which allows for full flexibility & independence in the feed-optimization process. [With our Feed Ninjas always around to help & advise!]
Feedonomics offers managed service.

This distinction is well noticeable in price comparison.
Feedonomics can be 4 to 10 times more expensive than DataFeedWatch, whilst offering a similar suite of functionalities within the plan.



To help you choose the right solution we offer a free trial with full-functionality, and opt for full transparency with our pricing. Feedonomics opts for the opposite, which can slightly complicate the evaluation process.

About DFW: “Great support and great management software, what's not to like?”

You can see what else our customers say about DataFeedWatch on Capterra, Shopify and BigCommerce.

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Agencies' Pick

Agencies often prefer to keep the feeds in their own digitally-skilled hands. That's why PPC teams enjoy the powerful functionality combined with the freedom of operation DataFeedWatch offers.

Note-worthy DataFeedWatch features Agencies love?
> unlimited shops in the Agency Plan
> clone optimized set-up between shops
> multiple users per account with customizable access settings

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Why merchants & agencies choose DataFeedWatch


“Consistent, Quality Service!”

"It has been about 3 - 4 years since I began using their service. They have been consistent in offering a robust solution and I couldn't be happier! DataFeedWatch is constantly adding improvements and making sure their customers are taken care of. In fact, their customer service is SUPERB."

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