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Let’s sum it up

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Plans & Costs

Both DataFeedWatch and GoDataFeed offer a cost-efficient solution for retailers of all sizes. While price points for both may seem almost the same at first glance, the difference is in the details.

GoDataFeed generally offers lower products and channels allotment in their base price, which is why the price can go up rapidly if your catalog holds several thousand SKUs.
For example, for 10,000 products sent to 4 channels you pay only $94 at DataFeedWatch, and at least $168 at GoDataFeed.


Global Approach

Merchants who want to expand their sales to shopping channels outside the US, are better served with DataFeedWatch. We're based in the US and operate over 2,000 channels in 60 countries. GoDataFeed is primarily focused on the US.

At DataFeedWatch support is always around to provide solutions to our customers. We also speak 10 languages!

GoDataFeed offers limited support - only during office hours (EST) Monday - Friday and in 1 language.

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Functionality & Ease of Use

Both solutions offer a complete set of powerful functionalities.
Ease-of-use and the intuitiveness of the solution make the difference. In DataFeedWatch, you have a clear overview of all your mappings and all optimization tools are one click away.

We also offer several additional functionalities such as price monitoring & analytics to provide you with actionable insights, or feed-driven text ads that will allow you to automate your Google Search Ads in an easy and efficient way.

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Why merchants & agencies choose DataFeedWatch


“Consistent, Quality Service!”

"It has been about 3 - 4 years since I began using their service. They have been consistent in offering a robust solution and I couldn't be happier! DataFeedWatch is constantly adding improvements and making sure their customers are taken care of. In fact, their customer service is SUPERB."

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