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Pay 20% less for Google Shopping [in Europe]

How is that possible?

Google was fined by the EU for breaching EU antitrust law. As a result, they opened up Google Shopping for Comparison Shopping Services (CSS): A CSS like DataFeedWatch gets a discount on the Cost-Per Click. We are happy to pass on that saving to you, so you can advertise your product on Google Shopping with bids that are up to 20% lower. 

Why DataFeedWatch?

DataFeedWatch is one of the largest feed providers in the world and trusted by thousands of retailers. We manage billions of products every day on Google Shopping and other channels so running a CSS is a natural extension to improve the RoI of our customers’ advertising campaigns. We have been a Google partner for many years and are offering our CSS service all over Western & Central Europe.

How does it work?

Google Shopping SERP with DFW CSS
  • icon-1We connect your Google Merchant Center to our Multi-Client Account
  • icon-2Ads will show just like today, but with ‘By DFW Shopping’ at the bottom
  • icon-3You can lower your bids by up to 20%
  • icon-5Your products will also show on our CSS: https://dfw.shopping/

Great! How much do I have to pay for that?

Add CSS to your data feed management service, start saving money on your bids, and see how your ROI grows. As a DataFeedWatch customer, you will pay as low as 25$ per month in addition to your regular monthly billing

How can I get it?

You can get it right now. Mail us at css@datafeedwatch.com or  schedule a call here so we can get you started.