DataFeedWatch vs GoDataFeed

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How does DataFeedWatch stack up against GoDataFeed?

Both tools offer full functionality and both are players in the US eCommerce arena. If you need to choose between DataFeedWatch and GoDataFeed, lets zoom in and see which tool is right for you. 

DataFeedWatch and GoDataFeed are similar tools. Both are focused on data feed optimization. The differences mainly revolve around these areas:

Easy to Use

Conceptually, the two tools offer similar mapping functionalities. Easy-of-use and the intuitiveness of the tool make the difference. In DataFeedWatch, you have a simple and comprehensible overview of all your mappings; all optimization tools are one click away.

Price x3

Both providers offer a low cost solution for small retailers ($29/mo). For retailers with more than a few thousand products, the price goes up rapidly at GoDataFeed. For 25,000 products you pay $499 at GoDataFeed and $149 at DataFeedWatch. GoDataFeed also charges for additional channels ($29) and marketplaces ($99).


Support is excellent at DataFeedWatch. Live chat is always available to provide solutions for customers of all sizes. Support at GoDataFeed is often mentioned in reviews as a weak point.

Customer Satisfaction

DataFeedWatch has a 5-star rating in the Shopify app store, from dozens of reviews. GoDataFeed has a 2-star review in the BigCommerce app store from a hand full of reviews.


Merchants that want to sell on shopping channels outside the US, are better served with DataFeedWatch, that operates 1,000 channels in 50 countries. GoDataFeed is primarily focused on the US.



GoDataFeed vs DataFeedWatch