BigCommerce Shopping Cart Software


About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a shopping cart provider that lets you set up a complete online store. This includes the frontend of the store to display products and prices as well as the shopping cart and checkout functionality. It also includes administrative processes such as shipping and report generation to analyze the performance of your business.


What is BigCommerce’s Country Focus?

BigCommerce says stores in over 150 countries use its shopping cart solution. The platform, however, is only available in English. This includes the control panel for managing your store as well as the public facing storefront. In addition, there are no language options on the BigCommerce website. That said, it is possible to create an online store in any language using BigCommerce. However, you will need a developer who will use the BigCommerce API to create the non-English version of your store. Even with this solution, there are some restrictions. For example, your developer will only be able to create a BigCommerce online store in left-to-right languages. While it is difficult and sometimes impossible to setup your online store in another language using BigCommerce, it does have international shipping and payment features. This includes integrations with several payment providers that allow you to display prices on your website and accept payments in other currencies. BigCommerce also has integrations with shipping providers allowing you to ship to almost any country in the world.


Target Customers

BigCommerce can be used by online retailers anywhere in the world. However, there are some restrictions that make the platform most suitable to retailers targeting English-speaking customers. Businesses of all sizes use BigCommerce including small local stores and multinational corporations. One of the ways BigCommerce makes this possible is by offering variable pricing plans based on your level of online sales over the previous 12 months.


Benefits of BigCommerce

  1. BigCommerce takes care of the tech – BigCommerce handles all the technical aspects of creating an online store. It does this by providing its platform in the cloud and by delivering a comprehensive solution that covers all elements of building and running an online store. Being cloud-based makes it quicker to set up an online store, plus you can focus on marketing your products and serving your customers without worrying so much about the technical side of running an e-commerce website.
  1. There is an extensive list of features – BigCommerce offers an extensive list of features, including advanced features, on all its pricing plans. This includes no transaction fees, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, responsive templates, easy to use checkouts, product rating functionality, SSL certificates, marketing integrations, and more. You can also easily sell on sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and Facebook.
  1. There’s a large app store – you can add additional functionality to your BigCommerce website using add-ons in its app store. This is particularly beneficial as you expand your business.

DataFeedWatch Integration with BigCommerce

DataFeedWatch has a direct integration with BigCommerce. You can order DataFeedWatch from within the BigCommerce App Store. Then, when setting up a shop within DataFeedWatch, you can simply upload you BigCommerce shop. We have detailed setup instructions in our BigCommerce Integration Guide.


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