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Set your online store up for success and integrate with BigCommerce

Why integrate BigCommerce and DataFeedWatch

Integrate with ease

You’re just a few clicks away from connecting your BigCommerce store. After that, seamlessly bridge BigCommerce and DataFeedWatch
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Fresh feed with daily updates

Have peace of mind knowing that your feeds are always up to date and your products are synced across platforms.
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Avoid product and channel disapprovals

When setting up your product feeds with DataFeedWatch, all the required fields for the particular channel you’re using will already be listed.
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Map your first feed with our experts

Create, map and optimize your feeds with ease and if you do ever run into a dilemma, our team of feed optimization experts are always happy to help!
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Why online merchants and agencies love DataFeedWatch:

Amazing Tool
I tried Data Feed Watch, after using different feed tools that were too complicated. Data Feed Watch is easy to use and to understand. Providing a very good quality of feed and with a lot of options to personalize it. The support from them is very qualitative, they are always available!


What you can count on


What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a shopping cart provider that answers all your eCommerce store needs. They provide you with a full system to handle your online store from displaying your products and prices to checkout and shipping.

When integrated with DataFeedWatch you can optimize your product feed and confidently sell across channels.

Ready to get started? Here’s what to do:

Integrating BigCommerce and DataFeedWatch just takes a few steps.


Log into your BigCommerce account



Head over to the app store and search for DataFeedWatch

Head over to the app store and search for DataFeedWatch


Click on ‘Get this app’

Click on ‘Get this app’


Create new DataFeedWatch account or log in to existing one


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