Magento Shopping Cart Software


About Magento

Magento is an online eCommerce Shopping Cart platform. It is a leading global shopping cart software, which handles over $100 billion in merchandise every year.
Magento supports an open source commerce platform with a thriving development community of 150,000+ developers.
Magento offers a wide range of products, which allows merchants to tailor the shopping cart to their specific needs.
They offer Magento Community, Magento Enterprise, Magento Enterprise Cloud, and Magento 2.


What is Magento’s Country Focus?

Magento has a global focus, which it offers extensive language and localization packages.
This allows merchants to target customers globally, and easily expand into new markets.
The Magento software itself offers the ability to specify your preferred language in the administrative area. Allowing true customization of your experience.


Magento Target Customers

Magento has a focus on larger retailers and merchants. Primarily, this comes from a need for technical development knowledge to implement the open source software.

Though, if a smaller merchant has the development knowledge, there are no barriers to the size of the eCommerce retailer.

Also, Magento has various large retailer, Enterprise, and cloud solutions which cater to the large online merchant.


Magento Benefits

Open Source

Magento is first and foremost an open source platform. Thus, it provides complete flexibility for implementation in your eCommerce store.

Through the Magento Community addition, you get rich functionality, as well as the flexibility to make the shopping cart work for your business.


Enterprise Edition

Magento Enterprise Edition offers a scalable commerce platform with out-of-the-box functionality. Don’t let the open source horror stories scare you.

The Enterprise Edition of Magento provides 24/7 access to trained support teams, account managers, and consultants. Also, platform security support includes periodic scanning and testing.


Cloud Edition

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is a fully customizable shopping cart managed through cloud deployment.

With a full API, content delivery network, and security built in, it is ready to work with your cloud infrastructure. The cloud addition is ready to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


DataFeedWatch Integration with Magento

DataFeedWatch has a direct integration with Magento. You can order DataFeedWatch through the Magento App Store.

Then, when setting up a shop within DataFeedWatch, you can simply upload your Magento Shop. We have detailed setup instructions in our Magento Integration Guide.


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