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About OpenCart

OpenCart is a leading eCommerce platform offering basic online store functionality - similar to Magento. As it is open source, the main script is free and allows you to modify the platform to suit your eCommerce needs.


Who does this suit?

Despite its user-friendly interface, to utilize OpenCart, it is recommended that you have some basic web development knowledge. This can be yourself, within your staff or from a freelancer. Although advertised as ‘Everything you need to create, scale and run your business’, it can cost money to install new features. This is something worth bearing in mind should you plan to scale your business in the future. It’s also worth noting that when installing OpenCart on your managed web server, this server must have a database and PHP 5.4+.



One of the advantages of OpenCart is its ability to add multiple languages, which can be essential for those looking to sell to other countries. As with many other platforms, the default language is English. However, by using ‘Extension Directory’ it is possible to download language packs. Installing these will display a flag offering the site visitor the chance to change the language. This prevents having to manage multiple domains for languages. However, should it be needed, multiple stores are manageable from one interface. This can be helpful for setting different themes and localized settings between each country and area.



Ease of use: Despite needing a little more development knowledge than on other sites, such as Shopify, many have found the set-up process easy. The customization is also a huge help in terms of usability. Being able to add new themes or plugins are examples of features that make it easier to get the site looking exactly how you’d like.
Low initial costs: As the site does not require consistent development, this is advantageous to smaller businesses. With the script being free, it’s easy to control initial spend. However, when scaling, this could require more plugins and development time.
Integration: There are many integrations available with OpenCart, which lends itself to integration with hundreds of payment gateways. This is a huge benefit for obvious reasons. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that each integration must be paid for.


DataFeedWatch Integration with OpenCart

DataFeedWatch has a direct integration with OpenCart for data feed optimization. The DataFeedWatch integration makes managing your data feeds easy. Please visit our OpenCart Integration Guide to walk through how to setup your DataFeedWatch with your OpenCart shopping cart.



As an open-source model, OpenCart works well and acts as an excellent alternative to Magento. It’s better for small-medium companies, due to its extensions that must be managed. Having multiple extensions for a larger business could get complicated and hard to manage without additional support.

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