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Integrate with PrestaShop and be wherever your clients are

When PrestaShop and DataFeedWatch unite

Integrate with ease

You’re just a few clicks away from connecting your PrestaShop store. After that, seamlessly bridge PrestaShop and DataFeedWatch
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Advertise the right products

Daily feed refreshes guarantee that your out of stock items aren’t shown.
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Save more time

Copy your product feed and rules to other channels to avoid repeating work.
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Create beautiful online stores

Take advantage of PrestaShop’s open source platform where you can use their unique modules and store themes.
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Connect DataFeedWatch to your store in two ways

Go to PrestaShop Addons and install it:

Go to PrestaShop

Get the .zip file:

Download .zip file

Why our customers love it

This app does everything we need to do and more, special mention to the team on the end of chat, no issue hasn’t been resolved within minutes, even to actually doing the changes in the feed for us. Excellent!

Polarn O. Pyret UK

Take advantage of these DataFeedWatch features

What is PrestaShop?

Whether your business is large or small, PrestaShop is here to deliver an open source online shopping cart to you.

At the heart of their platform is the belief that everyone should be able to start selling online for free. That means you! With a simple DataFeedWatch integration, you can link your PrestaShop store in no time.

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