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Integrate with Shopware and scale your online presence.

Why integrate Shopware and DataFeedWatch?

Attract Shoppers

Shopware’s sites are built to be SEO friendly and your optimized listings will attract high potential shoppers.
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Go Multi-Channel

Expand to +2000 channels and platforms while managing everything from one place.
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Support All Around

Get live, 24/7 support from our data feed experts. Connect via online call, chat, or email - whatever works best for you.
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Map your first feed with our experts

Create, map and optimize your feeds with ease and if you do ever run into a dilemma, our team of feed optimization experts are always happy to help!
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What you can count on:


What is Shopware?

Shopware is a shopping cart software where you can manage your online stores all from one place. Their interface was developed together with retailers making it accessible and easy to start using.

Create a beautiful shop without any design experience and use features such as their First Run Wizard and Shopping Experiences for smooth set up.

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