How to use ChatGPT for Google Ads: 11 Must-Try AI Prompts

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Using AI's power, ChatGPT can really improve how you do your Google Ads campaigns. It helps you create content, make things more personal, plan better strategies, and more. This article will explain how to use ChatGPT with Google Ads. It will give you lots of different AI suggestions to make your ads even better.

What’s ChatGPT's role in Google Ads/PPC?

ChatGPT stands as an adaptable AI tool capable of generating text based on user-provided prompts. This dynamic ability makes it an invaluable asset for marketers aiming to elevate their Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. ChatGPT can lend a hand in many ways by crafting ad content, offering creative ideas, helping you to understand your audience, and even content proofreading.

This is contrary to the popular belief that many digital marketers hold. It is often stated that ChatGPT is solely a tool for generating content, but this is not the case. In fact, ChatGPT is a highly valuable workflow tool and can be used for a wide manner of tasks. 

To help you get started with Google Ads ChatGPT strategies, we’re providing a vast range of diverse AI prompts that will not only transform your Google Ads campaigns but also elevate your entire marketing playbook to unprecedented heights. Let's delve into these prompts that harness the intelligence of ChatGPT to drive innovation, precision, and unparalleled success. We’ve categorized our idea suggestions into three core categories: personalization, content creation, and workflows.

Personalization: How ChatGPT can optimize your Google Ads targeting

Perhaps the most essential Google Ads ChatGPT strategy for successful Google Ads is personalization. Advertisements are only effective if they engage and interest the audience they are targeted towards, and without personalization, this is impossible. Thankfully, ChatGPT is a fantastic tool for making this easier for you. Let’s take a look at a few prompt ideas that can help turn this into a reality. 

Prompt 1: Audience Profiling: The Essence of Successful Campaigns

Understanding your target audience lies at the heart of a successful Google Ads campaign. In this pivotal process, ChatGPT assumes a leading role, skillfully outlining the parameters of an ideal audience by meticulously analyzing your campaign objectives. Simply tell ChatGPT about your target audience, and its AI-generated insights will provide a comprehensive blueprint that seamlessly aligns your campaign with its intended objectives.

Prompt: "Take on the role of a seasoned Google Ads expert. As I embark on the creation of Google ads tailored to <specific details>, shed light on the characteristics, preferences, and aspirations of the ideal audience for this endeavor."

ChatGPT prompt for Google

Prompt 2: Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Personalization at Scale

You probably already target your Google Ads to a specific audience, but won’t be enough in terms of today’s personalization standards; in 2023, your personalization strategy can be taken to new heights through dynamic keyword insertion. 

This feature enables ad copies to dynamically adapt to users' search queries, enhancing relevance and engagement. By finely crafting a prompt, you unlock fantastic Google Ads ChatGPT workflows to delve into your campaign's idiosyncrasies, align it with user intent, and craft ad copies that resonate on an individualized level:

Prompt: "Step into the role of a Google Ads virtuoso with an innate understanding of keywords. As I embark on the journey to infuse ad copies with a personalized touch for <specific details>, provide me with insights into utilizing dynamic keyword insertion. By seamlessly integrating user search queries, I aspire to foster ad copies that reflect not only personalized intent but also ignite meaningful engagement."

ChatGPT prompt for Google

Prompt 3. Navigating Multilingual and Geographically Targeted Advertising

Personalizing your Google Ads isn’t just about audience interests and intent. The language that they speak and their geographical location are also imperative to consider, and if you’re only creating ads in one language without location targeting, you’re missing out on enormous audience profiles.

However, translating content into various languages whilst maintaining geographic targeting can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Google Ads ChatGPT workflows can assist in crafting multilingual ad copies that resonate with any audience. Simply craft a prompt that guides ChatGPT in generating ad copies into different languages, whilst also maintaining cultural sensitivity. 

Prompt: "Embrace the role of a multilingual Google Ads maestro. My expedition embarks on multilingual campaigns for <specific details>. Employ AI to conjure ad copies that fluently communicate my message across <specific languages>, whilst transcending cultural barriers, resonating with diverse audiences, and personalizing them to be relevant to <specific cities/countries>."

ChatGPT prompt for Google

Prompt 4: Unveiling Customer Pain Points for Maximum Impact

At the heart of impactful advertising lies the ability to effectively address the pain points and challenges that resonate with your consumers. This is where Google Ads ChatGPT workflows can step in as a guiding light, capable of unearthing these critical pain points and molding them into ads that pack a punch. By vividly illustrating your product or service, ChatGPT extracts valuable insights into the pressing concerns of your target audience:

Prompt: "Tap into the expertise of a seasoned Google Ads professional. My mission: to sculpt Google ads tailored to <specific details>. Shed light on the pain points that deeply resonate with our ideal customers, offering an opportunity to craft ads that resonate on a profound level and create a maximum impact.”

ChatGPT prompt for Google


Content Generation

There’s no denying that content generation is what Google Ads ChatGPT techniques are known for. Whilst personalization strategies are highly effective within the AI model, these only truly come to life when you apply them to generated content. This next section concerns some must-try prompt ideas for generating content for Google Ads with ChatGPT.

Prompt 5: Crafting Innovative Ideas for Responsive Display Ads

In the dynamic world of advertising, creativity holds the key to standing out. Google Ads ChatGPT prompts can assist greatly in generating fresh ideas for your responsive display ads, igniting creativity, and captivating your audience. By tailoring a prompt that aligns with your campaign details, you can tap into suggestions for eye-catching images, compelling headlines, and engaging descriptions that resonate with your target audience:

Prompt: "Imagine yourself as an experienced Google Ads professional. I'm seeking your input to develop creative concepts for responsive display ads promoting <your product/service>. Share your insights by proposing innovative images, attention-grabbing headlines, and descriptions that pique curiosity and engage the audience."

ChatGPT prompt for Google

Prompt 6: Sculpting Magnetic Headlines: Gateway to Engagement

AI-generated content cannot survive alone - it relies on eye-catching headlines, which hold the power to captivate. Google Ads ChatGPT requests can handle this too, birthing headlines that magnetize your audience's attention. By providing the unique attributes of your campaign, you ignite ChatGPT's capabilities to generate some seriously engaging headlines. 

Prompt: "Imagine taking on the role of an adept Google Ads professional. Your focus: crafting Google ads that cater to <specific details>. Utilize your expertise to generate a flow of compelling headline ideas, each designed to stand out, captivate, and evoke curiosity among your audience."

ChatGPT prompt for Google

Prompt 7: Harvesting Keyword Gold: A Precursor to Precision

At the foundation of every impactful PPC campaign lies a strategic selection of keywords. Here, ChatGPT steps forward, using its expertise to curate potent keywords and their negative counterparts. This collaborative effort forms the foundation of a campaign designed for granular personalization. 

Prompt: "Step into the shoes of an accomplished Google Ads professional. My canvas: the creation of Google ads for <specific details>. I call upon your expertise to uncover the most impactful exact-match keywords and their corresponding negative counterparts. This harmonious combination stands as the core of our precision targeting strategy, poised to usher in unmatched conversions."

ChatGPT prompt for Google

Prompt 8: Mastering the Art of Ad Copy Crafting

Above all else, ChatGPT is well known for its capabilities in creating copy, and ads are no exception. By providing the AI with your envisioned headlines, you can generate the entirety of your copy with a short prompt and a couple of clicks. However, don’t forget to read through the content generation and ensure that it matches your Google Ads ChatGPT strategy, as even AI makes mistakes. 

Prompt: "Envision yourself as a seasoned Google Ads professional, well-versed in the nuances of crafting compelling ad content. As I navigate the realm of Google ads for <specific details>, I invite you to infuse your expertise into generating riveting ad copy that

seamlessly complements the following captivating headlines – <list of ad headlines>.

ChatGPT prompt for Google



Last but not least, ChatGPT is also an invaluable tool for Google Ad workflows. Certain strategic workflows may take hours for a human, but thanks to the rapid machine learning algorithms of ChatGPT, now it only takes a few seconds. While the possibilities of ChatGPT workflows are endless, we’ve provided a few examples to get you started - don’t forget to use your imagination and test out your own workflows too!

Prompt 9. Navigating A/B Testing: Guiding Pathways to Optimization

A/B testing has established itself as a core strategy in effective advertising, offering a pathway to uncover what truly resonates with your audience. In this realm, ChatGPT emerges as a strategic partner, ready to illuminate the process by crafting A/B testing scenarios. The task at hand is to generate two Google search ads, forming an A/B test. With precision, ChatGPT is called upon to not only suggest these ad variations but also provide a comprehensive rationale behind each choice:

Prompt: "Step into the realm of adept Google Ads professionals, seasoned in the art of optimization. My objective is to generate two distinct Google search ads that will be the core of an illuminating A/B test. I look to you for guidance in selecting suitable choices for <specific details>. Additionally, I urge you to elucidate the rationale underpinning each selection, shedding light on the strategic nuances that guide this pivotal A/B testing process."

ChatGPT prompt for Google

To ensure you get the most out of Google Ads ChatGPT A/B testing, it’s important to carefully analyze it’s responses, provide your own inputs, and ask the AI to provide the test results in a format that fits your strategy (i.e. text-based, table format, etc.) Thankfully, ChatGPT can help with any of this, and if you don’t have time to conduct the analysis yourself, you can simply ask ChatGPT to expand on its findings. Remember - ChatGPT is fantastic at having a dialogue, so if you’re stuck with this workflow, simply explain what you’re struggling with and the AI will help!

Prompt 10. Leveraging AI for Ad Scheduling

Time is of the essence when it comes to Google Ad scheduling, and therefore harnessing the capabilities of AI, specifically ChatGPT, can unveil a realm of possibilities in ad scheduling optimization. As you engage ChatGPT, you empower it to delve into user engagement patterns and historical data, yielding valuable insights and  actionable recommendations that can elevate the visibility and effectiveness of your ads:

Prompt: "Picture yourself as a Google Ads professional with a data-driven finesse. My journey leads me through the intricacies of ad scheduling for <specific details>. Please delve into the depths of user engagement patterns and historical data. Through this collaboration, I anticipate actionable insights that will illuminate optimal ad scheduling strategies, enabling me to precisely enhance the timing and visibility of my ads."

ChatGPT prompt for Google

Prompt 11. Ad Quality Score Enhancement

Another Google Ads ChatGPT workflows is to leverage the tool for ad quality scoring and enhancement. Ad quality can make or break your ad's performance, and thankfully, ChatGPT can guide you in enhancing your ad's quality score. Craft a prompt that empowers ChatGPT to analyze your ad elements and suggest improvements that align with Google's quality score factors. It’s worth noting that Google’s scoring system is updated constantly, and the core ChatGPT service currently has no knowledge after September 2021. 

Prompt: "Imagine you're a Quality Score virtuoso. I'm navigating the intricacies of Google's Ad Quality Score for <specific details>. Please read the following ad, and enlighten me with AI-generated insights that fine-tune my ad elements, elevating my ad's relevance and positioning while optimizing costs."

ChatGPT prompt for Google


Conclusion: Find the balance between human and AI-driven Google Ads creation

The combination of AI tools such as ChatGPT with the world of marketing has enormous potential. However, applying your human initiative is essential if you want ChatGPT to benefit your workflows. AI can be fantastic at optimizing your Google Ads, but you should still leverage human judgment for the final touches.

As you embark on this new AI-fueled Google Ads journey, remember that the success of ChatGPT's assistance also depends on the quality of your prompts. Tailor each prompt to the nuances of your campaign, while infusing it with your brand's ethos and voice.

By striking a balance between the technological marvel that is ChatGPT and human imagination, you're poised to unearth a realm of creativity, innovation, and efficiency within your Google Ads and PPC campaigns. Embrace the transformative potential of AI, and you’ll soon be creating Google Ads that are truly convertible. Good luck! 

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