Common Facebook Pixel Product ID Errors in Shopify and How to Fix Them

What are the most common Facebook Pixel product ID errors Shopify store owners deal with? And how can those product ID errors be fixed and avoided?
Christian Smales
Price Watch

Price Watch BETA is Live

Price Watch Beta is now live. Compare your prices with the cheapest, 2nd cheapest or nearest competitor. Experience the latest Price Watch features.
Rahul Bali
Google Shopping

Price Watch vs Google Shopping Price Benchmark

Google recently launched the Price Competitiveness Report for Google Merchant Center. The report allows sellers to compare the price of their own product, with that of other brands selling the same product.
Rahul Bali
Case studies

[Case Study] Leveraging margin % in Shopping Campaigns

By structuring your product feed the right way you'll unlock an opportunity to manage bids based on profit margin. And get more out of your Shopping campaigns!
Casper Hessellund
Shopping Carts

Top Shopping Cart Software Around The World

In this article, we will look into the benefits of a shopping cart and which shopping carts are the best for each market.
Christian Smales
Google Shopping

Understanding the Connection Between Shopify Fields and Google Shopping Feed Attributes

We'll be focusing on the differences of how data is labeled and how to transfer that information successfully. We've put together this guide to lead you through exporting your product data from Shopify and using it to map your Google Shopping feed with DataFeedWatch.
Jamie Koho
Google Shopping

Price Watch and Google Shopping Offer Ranks

As you might know already, we’re working on a competition monitoring tool called Price Watch. We started out with the Alpha version for some initial testing and now we’re moving on to Beta before fully releasing it. 
Rahul Bali

Amazon FBA vs FBM: What is the difference between Fulfilled by Amazon and Fulfilled by Merchant?

Each of those Amazon sellers has to make a choice when it comes to fulfilling orders: pay Amazon to do it, or manage the process on their own.
Kevin Rogers
Google Ads

Why and How to Use Negative Keywords in Search Campaigns

Search campaigns are a powerful advertising tool for any business involved in eCommerce. Whether you’re selling physical products or services, it integrates your ads with Google search results. Your ads appear right before organic results and are indicated by a small, black ‘Ad’ icon.
Jamie Koho
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