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[Case Study] Optimizing Key Components of a Product Feed

When taking your first steps with Feed Optimization it's crucial to begin by identifying the key areas of your product data, that once enhanced, can give an immediate boost to your campaign performance.
Andreas Lang

How to Leverage Business Growth in 2020 With Top Amazon Updates

Check how recent changes affect your business in 2020. Take advantage of TOP Amazon's updates and outsmart your competitors
Aleksandra Tadrzak
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DataFeedWatch Updates Digest December 2019: Wrapping up the year with all-around advancements

As the year is just about to wrap up, we’re rolling out diversity of enhancements that will help you start the New Year with a real eCommerce bang and scale the success of your business.
Magdalena Kiczek
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Proshop Case Study - Denmark's Largest Electronics Online Shop

Proshop - Denmark's largest electronics online shop develops its business with focused, international online marketing. What are the key components of their strategy?
Morten Svinth
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DataFeedWatch Updates Digest November 2019: International Selling Becomes Easier

Once you’ve validated a business idea in a specific market, selling internationally or entering new channels is a natural way to expand. Today it becomes easier than before.
Magdalena Kiczek
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[Case Study] How to Increase Conversions on Google Shopping Using Keywords

Unlike Google Search, Google Shopping doesn't allow merchants to bid on specific keywords. The good news is, there are other ways of leveraging keywords across Google Shopping...
Kasper Olesen
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Everything You Need to Know About CSS and Google Shopping

What is the Google CSS program and how does it benefit me as a Merchant? How do I get started? You'll find the answers to all the burning Google CSS questions retailers have in this article...
Magdalena Kiczek
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Combine Shopping and Search Campaigns for Maximum Results

Setting up automated Search Ads may initially take up a lot of time and thought, but once everything is in place, this technique will likely save you lots of time and tedious work in the long run.
Bas Baudoin
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[Case Study] How to Leverage Feed Optimization for a Service-Platform

Over several years we have worked with Facebook campaigns, we found that there are 3 crucial factors to consider when building a successful campaign.
Jonas Rosbech
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