How to Double Your Google Shopping Sales in 1 Hour

    How to Double Your Google Shopping Sales in 1 Hour


    Google Shopping Campaigns are crucial.

    Optimizing campaigns is a gradual process that requires a lot of analysis and continuous effort.

    Isn’t there a way to increase your RoI faster? Yes there is!


    Why wait for gradual growth. Boost your Sales Now!

    There are 10 things that you can do in 1 hour, that will boost your sales at once:

    Double Your Google Shopping Sales


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    • no longer waste a part of your budget
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    Remove Unprofitable Products in Google Shopping Campaign

    1. Remove Unprofitable Products

    Many products get a lot of clicks but never get sold. Removing these ‘unprofitables’ from your campaign saves you a lot of money. Only spend your budget on Winners.
    5 minutes

     Set Availability in Google Shopping

    2. Set Availability

    Stop advertising products that are not in stock.
    1 minute

     Add Negative Keywords in Google Shopping

    3. Negative Keywords

    In Google Shopping you can also set negative keywords for search queries that are eating your budget.
    5 minutes



      Create Separate Bids for Bestsellers in Google Shopping

    4. Separate Bids for your BestSellers

    The products that generate most of your revenue deserve your attention. Give your Winners a separate bid and optimize them continuously.
    10 minutes

     Bid on Product Type in Google Shopping

    5. Bid on Product Type

    Bidding on your own product types is way more effective than bidding on Google’s generic categories.
    1 minute

     Use Custom Labels in Google Shopping

    6. Use Custom Labels

    Bidding on specifc attributes drastically improves your ROI. Create Custom Labels for margin, season, special offers or other attributes.
    2 minutes



    Select Your Best Image in Google Shopping

    7. Select your Best Image

    Each product has several images, showing different colors or angles. Select your best images and put them in your Google feed.
    10 minutes (per 250 products)

     Optimize Your Product Titles in Google Shopping

    8. Optimize your Product Titles

    Make your Titles compelling: Include important attributes like brand, color and size and the most important keywords.
    5 minutes

    Add Google Product Titles in Google Shopping

    9. Add Google Product Categories

    Including the most specific sub-sub-sub-category from Google’s taxonomy will improve your conversion rate.
    10 minutes (per 30 categories)

     Use Promotions in Google Shopping

    10. Promotions

    Adding promotions to your product ads is one of the best ways to stand out and increase traffic and conversions.
    5 minutes