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How to Apply Rules to a Lists of Products

Sometimes you want to make changes to a number of products that have nothing in common. They are not the same product type or color, no common word in the description, no price-similarities, nothing.

How to Apply Rules to Lists of Products

Apply a rule to a few random products

Applying the rule to just a few products is easy: you enter the condition IF ID = … or ‘Matches Regexp 32 | 33 | 34 | But if you want the rule to apply to hundreds or thousands of products, that is too cumbersome. 

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Apply a rule to many different products: Upload a List


That is why you can now apply any rule to a number of products that are in a list that you can upload. You simply use ‘is in list’ as the condition. You then upload a list with (for example) all IDs of the products that you want the rule to apply to.

Ppply Rules In List in DataFeedWatch

This will give you total flexibility to create any rule for any random group of products!



Written by Jacques van der Wilt

Jacques van der Wilt, Founder & CEO at DataFeedWatch is an eCommerce industry leader specialized in online marketing.


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