How to use Bounce Rate and other Google Analytics metrics in eCommerce

A merchant will review his Conversions before anything else. Next come Revenue and Cost. Many products do however not have enough data to warrant a bid change or even an exclusion.


That is why you can use 'indirect metrics' to judge the performance of individual products.

DataFeedWatch Analytics Bounce Rate and Other Metrics

Google Analytics offers these metrics:


  • Bounce Rate
  • % new sessions
  • Pages per session
  • Average Session Duration

This is extremely helpful in finding out which products do well and which don’t. We explained earlier how to remove products with many clicks and no conversions from your feeds.


But since you only want to remove products that have a statistically relevant number of clicks, you end up paying for a lot of clicks before a bad product is paused.


With e.g. bounce rate, you can decide much quicker. If a product only got 30 or 50 clicks and a consistently low bounce rate or time on site, you can tell for sure that something is wrong.

You can either go in and fix the problem (price too high, something wrong with the product page, etc.) or remove the product from your feeds.


How to See Bounce rate etc. on product level?


We have added that as a standard functionality in DFW-Analytics. You can visualize bounce rate and other GA metrics by adding these columns to the table with your products or you can simply create a filter that shows you all products with a certain bounce rate.

DataFeedWatch-Analytics Bad Bounce Rate Filter


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Written by Jacques van der Wilt

Founder & CEO at DataFeedWatch

Jacques is a shopping feeds industry leader, start-up mentor, and entrepreneur. He's the founder and CEO of DataFeedWatch (acquired by in 2022): a leading global feed management and optimization company that helps online merchants optimize their product listings on more than 2000 shopping channels in over 60 countries. Before founding DataFeedWatch, Jacques held leadership positions in the US and Europe. He is also a seasoned guest speaker at industry events and a mentor at Startup Bootcamp.


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