10 Best Selling Niches on Amazon and Other Marketplaces in 2021

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Online marketplaces provide a great opportunity for eCommerce sellers, as they already have a large customer base. For example, according to recent statistics by WebRetailer, Amazon receives 5.7 billion visitors, followed by eBay (1.6 billion) and Walmart (469 million). While Amazon is the world’s largest and most popular marketplace, there are plenty of sites to choose from.

If you’ve been an avid online seller and wish to level up, take a look at our list of best-selling niches that can help scale your business in 2021.


Fashion is the most common category sold online, but electronics, books, homewares, and arts and crafts are also extremely popular. Due to the pandemic, some trending products in 2020 included masks, home exercise equipment, and board games. Many of these items will continue to be popular, but there are also some new trends emerging.

Whether you are selling on Amazon or other marketplaces, it is best to determine the highest trending niches before investing in products. To make life easier for you, we’ve put together a list of trending niches for 2021 based on their sales potential.

Some of these metrics were provided by the AMZScout tool based on product data from Amazon. Since Amazon is the largest marketplace, these numbers will give you an estimate of the average demand for certain niches and products in those categories.

Here is a list of handpicked trending niches of 2021:

1. Levitating Plants


This popular item puts a new spin on household plants. Through the use of magnets, these planters levitate over the base. Not only do they add a little bit of nature inside the home, but they’re also a great talking point and impress guests.

Why They’re a Good Choice for eCommerce Sellers:

  • Household Items are Popular Right Now: With people spending more time at home these days, many are looking for ways to redecorate their homes. As a result, products like this are in high demand.
  • High Margins:This niche has average profit margins of 75%.
  • Low Competition: This is an unsaturated market with not a lot of other sellers, which will allow you to start generating sales quicker.
  • Not a Lot of Reviews: Most of the levitating plant products on Amazon don’t have many reviews, making it easier for new products to break through.
  • Small and Lightweight: Most products in this niche are just 2 - 2.5 lbs, making them cheap to ship. This also keeps your Amazon FBA fees low if you sell through that program.


Ideal Customer: Target younger people who are more likely to be living in apartments and don’t have room for a garden.

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2. Electric Wine Opener


Lots of people love wine, but no one loves opening a bottle of wine. It can be difficult to do if you don’t have experience, and if you’re unable to get it open it’s definitely embarrassing. Luckily, this electric wine opener makes opening a bottle of wine easy for anyone.

Why They’re a Good Choice for eCommerce Sellers:

  • Big Market: There are lots of wine drinkers out there, so your potential customer base is huge.
  • Lots of Sales: This niche averages over 3500 sales a month which indicates a high level of demand.
  • Good Margins: These products have average margins of 62%, so it will be easy to make a profit.
  • Not Many Other Sellers: There aren’t currently many other sellers of this product on Amazon.
  • Very Light: These products only weigh 1 - 2 lbs, which will save you money on shipping and FBA fees.


Ideal Customer: Younger generation is used to twist off wines. In the era of convenience, they are likely to opt for easy solutions when reaching for traditionally bottled wines.

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3. Jade Rollers

jade-rollers-amazon-trends-1Jade rollers have been around for a long time, but thanks to social media their popularity has skyrocketed of late. Studded with jade and quartz, these rollers are used for facial treatments and are said to improve circulation, tone the skin, and reduce puffiness.

Why They’re a Good Choice for eCommerce Sellers:

  • Trending Niche: Interest in this niche has seen a big increase in the last couple of years.
  • High Sales: These products average over 2,000 sales per month, which is very impressive.
  • Very High Revenue: The average monthly revenue for this niche is over $30,000.
  • Good Margins: The average margins of 65% are more than enough for you to make a good profit.
  • Low Competition: There aren’t that many sellers on Amazon, so competition is relatively low.
  • Extremely Light: All of these products are under 1 lb, so your shipping and FBA fees will be minimal.

Ideal Customer: Health-conscious individuals.

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4. Bathtub Tray

Lots of people enjoy taking baths, and many use this time to read a book, drink some wine, and engage in various hobbies. A bathtub tray makes this more convenient by giving people easy access to all their favorite accessories while they’re in the tub.

Why They’re a Good Choice for eCommerce Sellers:

  • Increased Interest: Sales in this niche have increased by 20% in the last three months, largely due to people spending more time at home.
  • Strong Sales: This niche regularly averages over 2,400 sales.

  • Extremely High Revenue: With an average monthly revenue of over $90,000 you could build an entire business around this niche.
  • Good Price: Most products are priced around $36, which is high enough to make a profit but low enough to not cause people to think twice about purchasing it.
  • Low Brand Competition: There aren’t many other sellers, and those sellers aren’t from major brands.

bathtub-tray-google-trends-data-1Ideal Customer: Women are more likely to opt for baths than men, so focus on that demographic, especially women who like to read.

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5. Car Covers

car-covers-popular-productsIf someone has an expensive car then a car cover is an essential item. This product protects vehicles from the elements and greatly increases their lifespan. In particular, they keep the paint and finish looking like new.

Why They’re a Good Choice for eCommerce Sellers:

  • Trending Up: Sales of car covers increased in 2020 and that trend is continuing into 2021.
  • Good Sales: Average sales of 495 a month definitely make this niche worth it.
  • Perfect Price: Products in this niche have an average sales price of just under $50, which is perfect for eCommerce.
  • Plenty of Revenue: Average monthly revenue on Amazon is around $23,000.
  • Low Competition: There aren’t many sellers in this niche on Amazon, and most products have poor quality listings.
  • Room for Improvement: Most car covers listed on Amazon have low ratings, so you should be able to improve on the current offerings.


Ideal Customer:Popular among the male part of the society, with a keen interest in cars.

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6. K-Pop Merchandise


Given the sudden rise in the popularity of K-Pop music, K-Pop merchandise has become a highly profitable niche. The designs are filled with bold and extravagant styles, which are trending among younger consumers. Check out theAmazon Merch guide for detailed information about how you can design and sell your own products on online platforms.

Why They’re a Good Choice for eCommerce Sellers:

  • Interest is Steadily Increasing: Interest in this niche has been steadily increasing since 2017, showing that this isn’t just a short-term trend.
  • Good Margins: With average margins of 60% there is plenty of profit to be had.
  • Lightweight: All products are under 1 lb, so you’ll save money on shipping and Amazon FBA.
  • Little Competition: There are very few sellers in this niche and none of them are from major brands.
  • Poor Listing Quality: Most Amazon listings aren’t properly optimized so they’ll be easy to outrank.

kpop-google-trends-data-1Ideal Customer:Younger people who are interested in K-Pop music and fashion.

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7. Massage Guns


People’s stress levels went way up this last year, so it’s no surprise that massage guns have become a popular item. These products help relieve stress and relax the body. They are able to release tension, improve the metabolism of tissues, and increase blood circulation. 

Why They’re a Good Choice for eCommerce Sellers:

  • High Sales: This niche averages over 3,200 sales per month which indicates a high level of demand.
  • Sales are Increasing: Sales have been trending up since early 2020 which shows that the niche is growing.
  • Very High Margins: The average sales margin in this niche is 76% which means you’ll have plenty of profit left over after every sale.
  • New Niche: This is a relatively new niche, so you have a chance to get involved early on.
  • Low Competition: There aren’t many people currently selling these items on Amazon.


Ideal Customer: These products appeal to a wide audience. People who are interested in sports or who work out regularly will benefit from them. They can also help those who suffer from stress and anxiety.


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8. Eye Compresses

eye-compresses-growing-retail-trend (2)Eye Compresses are a growing niche with a bright future. Both warm and cold eye compresses help improve circulation in the eye area, soothe inflammation, alleviate pain, and relax swollen eyelids.

Why They’re a Good Choice for eCommerce Sellers:

  • Big Market: Everyone is looking for ways to improve their health, so these products have the potential to appeal to a large number of people.
  • High Sales: This niche averages over 1,500 sales per month so it should be a consistent seller for you.
  • Lots of Revenue: With an average monthly revenue of over $33,000 this niche is a high earner.
  • Good Margins: Average margins of 68% mean plenty of profit left over.
  • Super Small and Lightweight: Most of these products are just half a pound so you’ll be paying the lowest shipping and FBA fees.
  • Not a Lot of Competition: There aren’t many people selling these products on Amazon, and Amazon itself isn’t involved in this niche making it easier to rank for.


Ideal Customer: Women of all ages who are more health-conscious.

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Gaming Headsets


With most people at home these days everyone is looking for new indoor activities. So, it’s no surprise that gaming accessories, such as gaming headphones, have seen a boost in popularity over the last year. With gaming taking place mostly online now, gaming headphones should continue to be a hot item.

Why They’re a Good Choice for eCommerce Sellers:

  • Steady Sales: This niche has seen steady sales for many years, which makes it a safe bet for eCommerce sellers.
  • Strong Sales: This niche consistently averages monthly sales of over 5,700.
  • Massive Revenue: With an average monthly revenue of over $260,000 this niche has great potential.
  • Excellent Margins: These products have average profit margins of 73%.
  • Low Competition: Not many people are currently selling these products, and those who are aren’t strong sellers.


Ideal Customer: Young men who are interested in gaming.

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10. Moon Lamps

moon-lamps-profitable-product-niche-amazon-1Buyers are always on the lookout for creative and attractive gift options. Because of this, moon lamps are a great niche to boost your sales. More and more people are looking for new accessories for their homes right now, so this is the perfect time to get into this niche.

Why They’re a Good Choice for eCommerce Sellers:

  • Popular as a Gift: Moon lamps have been popular products as gifts, which is good for sales.
  • Multiple Uses: People use these in their living room, nursery, and more, so your customer base should be large.
  • Solid Sales: 933 sales per month is a good number for independent eCommerce sellers.
  • Profitable: Average sales margins are 66% which will leave lots of profits for sellers.
  • Not Many Competing Sellers: This niche is unsaturated and doesn’t have a lot of big brand competition.

moon-lamp-google-trends-data-1Ideal Customer: Young people interested in home decor, looking to give more character to their interiors.

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The niche you choose to start your eMarketplace business, and the types of products that you choose to sell, have a direct consequence on the success or failure of your business. When you select a product based solely on your personal interests, the odds could work against you.

Online selling is not about the seller’s likes or preferences. It’s more about the market’s current demands. If you have sold on marketplaces for a while now but haven’t seen the kinds of profits you’d like it’s time to make some tweaks to your sourcing strategy.

Enjoyed this article? Get more ideas on products worth adding to your seller portfolio with this comprehensive guide on How to identify the best products to sell on Amazon.

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