[Case Study] How a One-Person PPC Team Effectively Manages Large Multilingual Feeds

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Hartmann-Skive.dk and Fleurance.dk, PrestaShop and Shopify stores, have successfully managed their feeds in DataFeedWatch for a period of 9 months. With an impressive inventory of nearly 28,000 SKUs, how can a single eCommerce manager can create all the product descriptions,  photos, and product listings, all while running the PPC campaigns?

He needs all the help he can get.

Problem: Many of our products did not display correctly on Google Shopping

As a multimedia designer specializing in advertising, ecommerce, and web design, I work full time for the Hartmann family. They’ve had their jewelry and watch store located in Skive, Denmark for the past 138 years. One of my responsibilities is managing both of their online stores, www.hartmann-skive.dk and www.fleurance.dk

One of the main pain points we faced was ensuring our products appeared correctly on Google Shopping. For a few months we struggled with issues such as products being denied or not picked up by Google, leading to potential account suspensions. This not only affected our visibility but also had a significant impact on our revenue and overall online presence. 

Solution: Feed export tool with additional features

I started looking for a feed management solution that would additionally check our feed quality and eliminate major errors. We needed a reliable solution that could help us optimize our product feeds and ensure they met Google's requirements. 

After thorough research, I discovered DataFeedWatch, a powerful tool designed specifically for managing multi language feeds. DataFeedWatch provided us with a user-friendly interface that allowed us to easily create and optimize product feeds for different languages and regions.

The platform seamlessly integrated with our PrestaShop and Shopify online stores, enabling us to streamline the feed management process and ensure our products appeared accurately on Google Shopping. This was critical for me. 

“The main pain points DataFeedWatch has solved for me is making it easy for our products to appear correctly on Google Shopping. I must also highlight that DataFeedWatch is among the best I have ever seen in this line of work. It’s quick and responsive, and the support team is always ready to help. I'm a very busy individual, so having this kind of service changes EVERYTHING for our online stores and overall appearance on Google.”

What were the results?

Implementing DataFeedWatch has been a game-changer for our online stores, revolutionizing our online presence and overall appearance on Google. With the tool's intuitive interface and advanced features, we were able to:

  1. Optimize product feeds: DataFeedWatch made it incredibly easy for us to optimize our product feeds by ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for each item. We could easily add GTINs, serial numbers, and other essential product attributes to comply with Google's requirements, thus improving our chances of visibility and preventing account suspensions.

  2. Manage multi language feeds: With the ability to create and manage multi language feeds, we could effectively target customers in different regions and provide them with localized product information. This significantly enhanced our visibility and improved the overall shopping experience for our international customers.

  3. Ensure feed consistency: DataFeedWatch allowed us to maintain consistency across our product feeds, ensuring that all information, including images, descriptions, and prices, was accurate and synchronized across platforms. This consistency helped us build trust with our customers and presented a more professional and cohesive brand image.

  4. Quick and responsive support: We were impressed by the level of support provided by DataFeedWatch. Their team was always available to address any issues or questions we had, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. This level of service is among the best I have ever received in this line of work, making our partnership with DataFeedWatch invaluable.


In conclusion, DataFeedWatch has been instrumental in improving the visibility and performance of our online stores, www.hartmann-skive.dk and www.fleurance.dk. By effectively managing our multilanguage feeds and ensuring compliance with Google's requirements, we have seen a significant boost in our online presence, sales, and customer satisfaction. As a busy individual responsible for managing multiple online stores, having access to such a reliable and user-friendly tool has transformed our e-commerce operations.


About our stores: www.hartmann-skive.dk & www.fleurance.dk

We are Goldsmiths, a family business with over 138 years of history. If it wasn’t for Covid-19, we would not have jump-started our web store. When the pandemic struck, we had to act fast to find new clients online. 

About DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch by Cart.com is the top-rated global product feed management platform that enables eCommerce brands, retailers, and digital agencies to drive multichannel growth. Merchants on both custom solutions and popular shopping carts, like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento (among others), can choose from 2000+ integrated shopping channels, affiliate networks, and marketplaces in 60 countries (such as Google, Facebook, Criteo, Amazon, and more). Major global brands like adidas, Decathlon, and KENZO have used DataFeedWatch to improve product performance across channels and expand to new markets. Sign up for a free trial today and receive guided onboarding to get started.

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