Case Study: How Pierce AB Increased Sales by 400% in 2 Months

Pierce AB joined DataFeedWatch in April 2017 to take control of the most valuable asset of their product advertising campaigns: Their DATA FEEDS.


Today, Antoine Coopoosamy, Head of Performance Marketing at Pierce AB, shares their feed management challenges and goals.


With a local presence in 16 European markets and 40+ websites, Pierce AB has very quickly become one of the most successful Swedish e-commerce companies of all time selling motocross, snow scooter and motorcycle parts, and gear and equipment to petrol heads.


Pierce AB is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to drive online sales and deliver a greater return on advertising spend.


Without further ado, here is Antoine Coopoosamy:




Product Feeds before DataFeedWatch

Product feed management was handled by our IT department on a “home-made” ERP and back-end solution.


The problem with how we previously managed our feeds was that the IT resources were scarce. Their backlog had grown exponentially with launching new sites and new features to better serve our customers.


The main goals we had from implementing a feed tool were:


  1. Greater autonomy: To be standalone from our IT department and manage all feeds within the Marketing department
  2. Increase feed performance: To optimize and improve performance on the marketing channels and marketplaces where we sell our products.

Feed Management Challenges and Results

Increase product offering. Thanks to the basic optimization of product title, missing color, missing attribute we could launch 40% more products on Google Shopping in markets like France, Germany and United Kingdom.


Get higher rankings. Following this, we could exclude entire categories or product groups from eBay and other marketplaces where the product differs a lot from the picture. This helped to manage client expectations and get higher ratings.


Better PerformanceFinally, DataFeedWatch allowed us to manage our products based on stock information, clicks, and cost, which dramatically improved the performance on some channels.


Data Feed Optimization Success

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Complex Rules Implementation

We have 3 different shipping methods:


  • Our own warehouse
  • Cross-dock shipping, where our trucks pick up the goods from some suppliers on a daily route
  • Drop-shipping, where some suppliers are sending the goods directly


Before DataFeedWatch, optimizing our shipping was a bit of a hassle. Now, we have created the perfect stock rule to only keep the products we’re sure to send to the relevant channels.


#1 Feed Optimization Tip for Increased ROI

Take FULL control over the feeds.


By doing so, we were able to launch many more products, across dozens of channels, and with no restrictions from IT.


A great tip is to get the IT department to create a “Master Feed”, which contains all the elements you need and any kind of product level information, such as Google or eBay Categories, Manufacturer, Supplier, margin etc.


Once these details are in your master feed, you can create rules to be more efficient in pushing the most profitable items.


Back to DataFeedWatch:


We want to thank Antoine Coopoosamy for taking the time to speak with us.


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