[Case study] How Wine Mood Expanded Market Reach with DataFeedWatch

Facing the frustration of slow SEO results, Wine Mood, a Swiss-based wine company, sought expansion to paid channels. Discover how Wine Mood leveraged DataFeedWatch to streamline product data management across various marketplaces like Vivino and Galaxus. They did this all while accelerating their market reach and saving valuable time.

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“SEO cost us a lot of time and money, and we didn’t see the results expected. We had to turn to instant sales and advertising.

With 250 SKUs and on a few marketplaces, we needed automation and effectiveness. Fast!”



About Wine Mood


Wine Mood (Wine Mood GmbH) is a Swiss-based wine trading company offering diverse, high-quality wines to individual customers and businesses. With a focus on providing exceptional wines from around the world, Wine Mood aims to offer a seamless buying experience to its customers.



Problem: SEO was too slow. We needed fast results.


Our first goal was to get our website ranking high on Google's SERP (search engine results page). We invested a lot of money and time into SEO, but the results were coming very slowly and were insufficient. We decided to look for a quicker solution. PPC was a natural choice, but that's where things got complicated. 


When Wine Mood started expanding its operations and importing a larger variety of wines, we faced several challenges in managing our product data efficiently. With increasing references and the need to sell across multiple channels, including our website and popular marketplaces like Vivino and Galaxus, we found keeping product information accurate and up-to-date across different platforms challenging. This manual process was time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in inefficient operations and potential loss of sales.



Solution: A quick set-up tool for product feeds


Seeking a solution to set up our product data, we turned to DataFeedWatch based on a recommendation from a Vivino manager. We realized that integrating a data feed management software would significantly enhance our ability to sell effectively across various channels and improve overall operational efficiency. We needed to turn to PPC and not rely just on SEO. 


By using DataFeedWatch, we could easily integrate our product data feeds with niche marketplaces and manage the inventory of 250 products effectively. The platform offered automated feed creation and customization options, enabling us at Wine Mood to optimize existing product listings and create new ones for different channels and ensure accurate and consistent information across platforms.




'Set it and forget it' would describe my first approach to product feeds. My problem was solved, and my time was released for other tasks, says Lisa Lazzaretto, Wine Consultant and CEO of Wine Mood GmbH.








Results: Instant sales from a few channels simultaneously


Since integrating DataFeedWatch into our operations, we have experienced several positive outcomes. The key benefits include:


  • Time saved

    DataFeedWatch's automation capabilities have significantly reduced the time and effort required to manage our product data. The automatic updating of stock levels, pricing, and product information across channels has freed up valuable time for Wine Mood to focus on other business priorities. After all, we’ve been a startup with not many people to engage. 


  • Streamlined operations

The seamless integration between Wine Mood's website and various marketplaces, facilitated by DataFeedWatch, has eliminated our need for manual data entry and reduced the risk of errors. This streamlined process has improved operational efficiency and ensured accurate and consistent product information across all selling channels. Priceless at this point. 


  • Expanded market reach


By leveraging DataFeedWatch's integration capabilities, Wine Mood has successfully expanded its market reach. We can now sell wines through popular marketplaces like Vivino and Galaxus, reaching a wider customer base and increasing sales opportunities.


  • Future growth opportunities


With the assistance of DataFeedWatch, Wine Mood plans to further expand its presence by integrating with a new B2B marketplace. This integration is very important to us. It will enable us to reach restaurants and suppliers in the food and wine industry, opening up new business opportunities. Automating the integration process through DataFeedWatch will save valuable time and resources for Wine Mood.



Final Thoughts


By implementing DataFeedWatch into our operations, Wine Mood has significantly improved its product data management processes, saving time, reducing errors, and expanding its market reach. We needed it at this point in our journey. With the platform's automation capabilities, Wine Mood can focus on growing its business and delivering exceptional wines to a broader customer base. That’s our specialty.


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Written by Lisa Lazzaretto

Lisa Lazzaretto, Ph.D., Swiss sommelier (ASSP), WSET Level 3, Wine Consultant, CEO of Wine Mood GmbH.


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